Revenge TV

Revenge TV


They have said and done it. Revenge is a dish best served cold. According to the folks behind Revenge TV, vengeance is a dish best serving by splashing your ex-boyfriends’ or ex-girlfriends’ naughty images and films online for everybody to see. The naked quality is quite alluring to me, and I guess it will to you as well.

Site Layout

Revenge TV entails a fantastic design with a really amazing color scheme. The background color is a nice selection as well, and it is easy on the eyes as well on the brain. Thumbs up to the designers and collaborators of this site. When you click on the video chat link you are led to an area of websites, which hold cataloged locations, which are undoubtedly cost free as long as you have your membership through this platform. The movie episodes have DRM in effect from the option of streaming, however if that is what you want, it is worth punching your logins on the sigh up. In return, you will get a great quality of play. Subjectively, I prefer the download option, even though one has to be a bit patient to save the huge files. Downloads come in a high quality, and, with deep clarity. You will always want to have your wide screen nearby, since the clarity is very good. Whilst all the material in here is hard-core, you will need to have a JavaScript turned on in your browser. The videos and pics are both viewable on the browser as well as downloaded for offline purposes.

Chicks and Movies

Revenge TV presents to you the smoking hot ex-girlfriends sucking, having sex, getting cummed on, and hanging out with their bitchy girlfriends. This is genuine amateur porn brought in by dudes that got their ass dumped. It is in fact part of a bigger network of relatedly themed websites. The network is known as Mad Porn. By default, one begins at the network homepage when they sign in with their Revenge TV username and password combination. Users can begin surfing the network or select Revenge TV from a drop down menu. My attentions were mainly on the material I here. The tour pages are very catchy. Point of view blow jobs, and amateur cumshots, pretty chicks posing stark-naked as a group and taking images of themselves on the mirror, lasses getting banged hard whilst a webcam recorded them fucking, with their consent. These scenes were all previewed, hence I was eager to see if the truly appeared on the members; zone. Yes they do. There are even more point of view scenes where dudes receive mouthwatering blow jobs, hard fucking sets, and gals being facialized. The downloadable clips come in resolutions of 640 X 480, and they come in Windows Media format and bitrates of 2100 kilobytes per second. For the MPEG4 come in 320 X 240 pixels and 400 kbps speeds. The flash video are at 640 X 480 pixels. I cannot stress enough that this is genuine amateur content, recorded by similar persons fucking. It spices up the intensity on each scene.

Bottom Line

The site appears to be growing steadily. They seem to be updating the content about three times in a week. Your membership allows you to access the another network, Mad Porn, which comprises of four other platforms such as Pawn Your Sex Tape, Your Girlfriends, and Busted On Film. Also, you get additional images and videos. This is a bag of amateur porn that is worth a look.

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