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Public Agent


The Czech Republic has a lot to offer, from the postcard-pretty tourist spots to its pretty women everywhere. If you have this impression even before then you are in for more surprises. As what PublicAgent will showcase in combining the unfamiliar locale with the innocent looking sexy street walkers, it’s a one-two punch out to knock out your interest on voyeur sex along with serious role playing and hookup teasing. If the price is right, the women will be blowing your cock off and get spread-eagled like the POV character is a known friend of theirs when he is not. The man behind the cam is a total stranger.

Site Layout

It can be said that it’s one of the oldest trick in the books of porn, inviting model and actress wannabes to participate in your upcoming production and event. It never gets old, as committed to by the PublicAgent site as you can browse in their portal that all variations of a redhead, brunette, blond and jet black haired women populate the thumbnails. They are that many to choose from. You will never run out of choosing who fits your taste of that beautiful stranger for the moment. Using “audition” as the sex premise, hook and bait the PublicAgent confirms there is money involved in the casting couch. The amount ranges from one to almost three grand in US dollars.

The agent walks the street of Czech to look for these women waiting to be pounded on, literally and figuratively. There is so much in the horny atmosphere to drive the man behind the cam to ask around if his offer will do the walking and fucking, of course. The cash offer piles up as he goes along asking if he can make them flash their tits, do his dick a worthy sucking to downright public fucking along with the cars and passers-by doing their thing too as they do theirs. As he films them doing the act, he keeps a close survey of the passing cars and the human traffic immediately outside their sex joint adding to the excitement in the air. It has been tried and showcased in most US sites too but the Czech spin takes the ride a bit more seriously in that it suspends your disbelief higher and that it can truly happen in real life. The feeling that it is entirely scripted and staged and packaged as a reality type of show is there yet you get to believe what’s happening through the mainly Czech spoken conversations.

Chicks and Movies

Does this interest you further to carry on your desires of pursuing that woman there waiting for a ride to work? Or perhaps that one all alone in the bus stop? Ahhh, perhaps you have your eye on that familiar face from across the street where you live? Make that fantasy come alive, through another person’s lead, with PublicAgent’s assistance of course. The POV style of capturing the all out street action makes you take the eyes of the camcorder in convincing these girls to cave into your promise of contracts for modeling or the movies. Just see their dewy cheeks light up with the thought of an almost instant fame and fortune. Convince them that they have to pass a casting call or an audition first to get a crack with stardom. Till they realize that’s a different kingdom they will be taking a very active part in. The whoredom they will get into will fuel your sexual desire to do the same thing in your own circumstances.

All the more made realistic with the visible puzzled looks and questions the onscreen goddesses make during the conversations with the man behind the cam. Even though the bodies of the maidens are to lust for and are pornstar hot their recognition across the many websites are not that obvious though. They blend in with the crowds yes but they have an edge in them that’s worthy enough for the PublicAgent to “discover” them and ask them to play a part in a minute of fame right on the Czech streets. Their sweet faces register well onscreen and make you recall the previous girls next door you have known and fantasized all your life. The creampie is the ultimate money shot much to the disapproving looks from the worn and satisfied sexual warriors lying spent and a few Czech Crowns richer in return.

Hey, that’s about 20,000 to 50,000 more in their own currency! Once you’re on site there will be a thumbnail table for your reference in searching for a particular scene or models to choose based on your moment’s liking. You may also search for a specific word. There is a download limit for your videos and the photo galleries are not available. Given the tedious time they spend on setting up the production to capturing the negotiation on the streets to the public sex, time is of the essence. To capture shots as you go along would be impractical as it cuts into the very meat of the sexual encounter. The HD quality of the videos more than makes up for it.

Bottom Line

In the world of real public sex pickups of the porn world, PublicAgent comes across as more realistic. Despite the staging of the production, where others fail miserably by not even putting in too much effort in creating an atmosphere of suspended disbelief, this is PublicAgent’s core strength. They make it as real as reel can get, so to speak. The discussion happening entirely in the Czech language is another factor to consider in creating the scenes as real as it gets.

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