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Perfect Gonzo


The PerfectGonzo is a site that can become your favorite quite soon, especially if you like European girls and heavy hardcore porn. Since the PerfectGonzo shoots its own porn videos, you can expect to find here a great collection of exclusive porn, distributed through several sites, covering a wide range of niches. As a porn site, the PerfectGonzo started its journey back in 2003, so you can consider this a long-running network. There are more than 1870 videos on the sites, and there are two update occasions every week, so the collection grows rapidly. It’s always random which sites are updated, but as we can detect, they seem to try to update the most popular ones more frequently, though it’s good news that every site is updated at least once a month or two. Since the videos are all exclusive, you can’t find them outside the network. There aren’t actual bonuses, because you get a network access, and that’s alone is quite enough to keep a porn-fan busy. The videos are rather long, and if you consider that they last usually for more than 35 minutes, you can see that the number might not be that big, but it will take much time to play every scene you fancy. Apart from the site’s own collection, you can find a few bonus videos, live feeds and discount offers in the members’ zone.

Site Layout

Finally a porn site that has a good tour, and lets you actually get the picture about the content. If you just fooling around the site, don’t forget to check the video list, along with the models’ database, where you can see all girls of the network, and their videos together on their page. There are preview trailers for you, and if you want to be ascertain the quality, check the downloadable 1080p trailer too. In the members’ zone a simple site welcomes you, which will prove to be a good one to browse. There is a dropdown on the upper right corner, where you can change the site you browse, and the search engine is there too. From the menu, you can reach the lists, there is a search page (Action Search) and the content is all tagged. The videos are quite exhausting. They are long, so if you don’t have time you should save them instead starting, downloading also provides better quality and playback. However, if you are just looking for a quick fun, you can play the scenes in the browser and you can jump forward in the player. Every video comes out with a set of pictures, which offer the same high quality as the scenes, sometimes even better. You can browse them online or save to your hard drive as an archive.

Chicks and Movies

When you start exploring the actual models’ list of the PerfectGonzo, you will certainly come to the conclusion that these guys know what they are doing. The girls are gorgeous, and they are all Europeans, so you can expect some bit of unusual spice in the scenes. However the Internet is full of the hot Euro-chicks, like the cute and brave Czech or Russian girls, the ever-dirty Germans, the PerfectGonzo has a large variety in this aspect too: there are Polish, French, Romanian, and a lot more girls of other nations. The PerfectGonzo seems to work with mostly Caucasians, and there is hardly anything else you might see here. Don’t concern about that, because the collection of the network features more than 950 girls, and considering the number of videos (over 1800) you can expect a great variety, because hardly any girl appears in more than 2-3 movies. As far as their actual looks are concerned, you will find them hot. It’s a bit strange that many of them have enhanced lips, but fortunately, the majority of the girls are natural beauties. In case you prefer this type of models, you are lucky to have found this site. These chicks are professionals, so they know when to shake that booty and when to show off those amazing breasts. They are also quite open for anything so you can expect to find some nasty movies around here. The PerfectGonzo is the hub of the network. All sites feature one major niche, and the videos are all shot accordingly to which site they are supposed to be added to. There is no vanilla hardcore porn here: every site has one bit of kinky in it. For example the PrimeCups features large breast, so you can enjoy there lots tit-worshipping and breast-fucking. On the TamedTeens the hottest and tightest fresh girls are featured in heavy sex with some BDSM elements. Probably one of the major strength of the videos, apart from the amazing sex of course, is that they usually last for more than 40 minutes. The oldest videos might be shorter, but the quality will make up for it. So, there are over 1800 videos here, and if you like hardcore sex, they are really recommended. Anyone who prefers some kinkier stuff will probably like the double-penetrations, fisting or the cum-swapping videos of the different network sites. These professionally made movies are really exhausting, and though they are rather dirty, they are not shady at all.

Bottom Line

Due to the fact that the PerfectGonzo is not just a site, but a whole network, it’s quite certain that you will be interesting in these videos for a good long time. With the regular and strictly kept update schedule this exclusive compilation continues to grow, and also there is a great variety in the sex the scenes feature. Hot models, heavy and nasty sex, what else would you need? For the price of one regular porn site, you can get access to every video of a network, and while other offer you only 10-20 minutes flicks, these exhausting 30-40 minutes scenes will surely fit your tastes.

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