We have a legend up on review today! There is probably not one single man who hasn’t heard of the Penthouse magazine. In this review, we are going to take a good look on the company’s official video websites, where you can find video, articles, and photos too, so exciting fun is guaranteed. Well, telling the story of Penthouse would exhaust the word limit we have for this review, so we will not go into details on that. Let’s just say that the magazine has been around for more than fifty years now, and apart from a short period of hardcore content, it was always a delicate softcore magazine.

The website, however, offers you hardcore porn videos, so if you are not here for nude modeling or simulated sex, you will be quite happy with what you get. The Penthouse websites launched back in 1998, just when other big companies also launched the first versions of their official sites. You are going to see a good collection featured on this site, and if you know what’s good, you will love to browse through it. Every video you can find is exclusive to the site, and there is hardly any chance that you might be able to find them on other porn sites.

Considering how juicy this hardcore content is, you might eventually end up hooked to the site. The Penthouse official video portal has a daily update schedule: they add videos and photos each day. Some videos are truly recent, but it seems that they are remastering old videos, and add the better version to the compilation. No matter what, the main thing to know is that you can find a fine selection of porn, and it’s fully exclusive. As bonus material, the membership on the Penthouse grants you access to stories (user-written ones too), and live camera feeds with professional and amateur performers alike. There are Penthouse articles online, and there is a forum for community seekers.

Site Layout

The tour page of the Penthouse works properly, though a bit more interactive tour would have been good: you only have the chance to view pictures, but for example, there are no preview clips. Well, since we are talking about the Penthouse here, let’s just assume you join because it’s… it’s the freakin’ Penthouse. The members’ area looks fine, and it’s nicely organized. At the top area, you can change the site you are browsing, view your account details, your favorites, and you can log out.

A bit lower, they placed the main menu, with links to the scenes’ list, the pornstars’ page, the Penthouse Pets listing, along with the photo galleries, and extras. And this is the area where you can locate the dating links. There are several more detailed navigation features like you could use a handful of dedicated listing options, like view only solo photo sets, view the content by categories, by porn stars, and a lot more. It seems that most content comes from the photograph collection, and if you are looking for a hard collection of porn, you will have to view the photos too, because there are a lot of goodies on them. Nowadays, the numbers of the photo sets and the videos are close to each other.

We have found over 5,000 photo galleries and nearly 4,000 scenes in the members’ area. Yes, there are more photos, but after all the Penthouse is a softcore magazine, with delicate, erotic photos. As a member of the Penthouse, you will be able to watch the videos online: the stream is Flash-based, and you can set it up to fit your needs and your bandwidth. There are downloadable files, mostly coming in MP4. Regarding the quality: it looks like the highest available resolution for the MP4 files is 1080p. It may look weird since we are talking about a legendary porn producer. However, keep in mind please that the main niche of Penthouse is photography.

Chicks and Movies

There are only hot, professional models in the Penthouse’s models’ database. You are going to find different ages, and several ethnicities represented by these girls. As we expected, there is an armada of hot natural beauties, who have gorgeous, untouched bodies, and perfect shapes. However, the other end, the big fakers are available too: from the most delicately done fake breasts to the biggest watermelons, you can enjoy watching every possible size being featured. Though there are mostly US models, a number of European stars are to be seen too, especially those hot British phantasmagoric girls!

Every movie of the Penthouse is done in a professional manner. These are scripted, carefully staged scenes, and they serve all hardcore porn fans’ needs. You are going to enjoy watching these videos, as the girls are gorgeous, and they perform with their best given into it. Those who seek hardcore porn should take their time here because, from simple one on one sex, there are several hot lesbian group scenes, straight threesomes from both types, and a lot of kinky stuff takes place too. However, the kinky videos still remain in the mainstream area, so they are viewable by anyone.

Bottom Line

The Penthouse is a true legend in the adult entertainment industry. Though it had some issues in the recent past, after some changes at the highest levels, the company and the magazine are still around, rocking our world. One of the hottest thing about the Penthouse website is that you can time travel: you can view the pets, even reaching back to the year 1973! Also, the great photographic material with the perfect lights is something you must see! And of course, the Penthouse is not a good source for hardcore material either!

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