Panda Fuck

Panda Fuck


Established in 2015, PandaFuck has been in existence for only a few years but it has proven that it is one to look out for. The site is presented in a way that advocates for panda sex right. Yes, that is exactly the look I had on my face! Well, the panda on this platform loves to get down with beautiful girls, precisely fresh faces. At the end of the scenes, you will catch a glimpse of a lot of jizz, proven that the ‘panda’ has reached its ultimate satisfaction. The panda is actually a horny man who is booted and suited to ensure that he plays the role that is intended for him perfectly. We must say, he deserves an Oscar for this.

The action will keep you captivated for all of the right reasons. All kinds of sexual play are showcased here. At times, you will not believe your eyes but PandaFuck is far from a freak show. All of the models are Russian and other parts of Eastern Europe and as you know, they are kinkier than the word could ever describe them. This is the definitely beginning for your pleasure here at this sex galore. You will have a blast discovering your new love for panda sex. As the big panda cocks slide inside the girl’s pussies, you will be finding ways to pleasure yourself as the action is too intense. Brought to you by the WTFNetwork, you will not only enjoy what PandaFuck has in store for you when you sign up to this platform but you will equally get access to the 11+ reality niche sites. The scenes are presented in full HD version. The action is simply out of this world. The site goes to prove that the unlikely can indeed happen!

WTF has presented the action on PandaFuck in a perfect manner. The site is not only fun but also entertaining in the best ways. Although PandaFuck has a limited collection of 30+ videos, you will have all of the bonus content to look forward to. If you have had bizarre sex fantasies, then the site will be a hell of a lot fulfilling. On this fucking community, the fun never ends, saying that the site is the true definition of outside the box is a complete understatement. For an average of 30 minutes in length, you will be making the most of the action here. The combination of hot girls and like cum is one that will knock you off your feet. If you have not enjoyed the scenes on PandaFuck, then you have not lived life to the fullest.

Site Layout

The members’ area is particularly interesting and it is something that you will thoroughly enjoy. It definitely showcases the excitement that you will get on this platform. The videos are all HD and they are of 720p in quality. The playback is top notch and there aren’t any long and ending processes that will see you wait for a single flick. On the other hand, the gallery is filled with high-resolution pictures that can be downloaded as a zip file. There is a link to all of the bonus sites on the top of the page and in case you want to diversity, you can simply click on it and in pops new movies. The content is not dated but you will simply see brand new flicks that were not on the site before. This tells you that there is a clear update schedule here. The site also has a mobile version that lets you enjoy ‘porn on the go’. This is a step-up from the masturbation sites that we are truly used to.

Chicks and Movies

The models on PandaFuck are beautiful, without a doubt. Despite being fresh faces, they know too much about pleasuring themselves. When they are having birthdays, the panda-suited man will be their surprise gift. This goes to show just how much sexual-oriented those models are. Even though the panda has a like cock, they will suck it as if they were sucking on a real member, letting their hands and lips do the walking. On the other hand, some of the fresh faces take things a notch higher by getting dressed in sexy uniforms such as a nurse’s outfit and deciding to put on role play show for the panda. All of the models are average and athletic, showing that the site simply has specific models type choices.

As much as the fresh faces love banging the panda, they warm up things with masturbation. They flick their beans in sexy manners and they will show you that the pretty faces should not fool you. They do not give up in their quest for pleasure until they make the panda cum or themselves cum. They have a way of building up excitement and they will certainly do it for you. There are experts in enticing you to do sexual things to yourself that you did not know you are capable of. The models conduct themselves in a fun manner, proving that seriousness is thrown out the window here. The models are not referred to by name but their naughty faces will truly be hard to forget. They have a piercing look in your eyes that entices you in a great way. The models on PandaFuck are a testament to the old adage, ‘looks can be deceiving’.

Bottom Line

PandaFuck is a controversial site that will give you a lot of fun, sexy moments to enjoy. The girls are busy slipping into complete nudity and enjoy fucking the panda and making it cum. There is no doubt that you will always have a good time when you decide to log on to this adult portal. As much as the site has fun moments, the action is hardcore and it comes with a lot of viewing choices. PandaFuck is certainly worth your time. Sign up today!