The OldYoungAnal has everything it says in its name: old guys banging fresh girls in the butt. And this is it, this is what this porn site is all about. You are going to find here a fine selection of kinky hardcore porn, and if you are a man with a taste for anal sex, you are going to enjoy what you can see here. Those who seek to watch as gorgeous girls spread their leg for some not too attractive old dudes will find their needs covered by the videos of the OldYoungAnal. This website was launched three years ago, and though it’s not a bad site, it has a few issues… however, the good features make up for those not-so-strong points.

So, the OldYoungAnal has been around since 2013, so it had three years to get bigger. Well, that’s the main issue: it didn’t. It looks like the new videos come in a bit slow, if they come at all, so there are only about two dozen of hardcore anal sex videos on the site. Apart from the main niche, this site is also all about anal sex, so we can understand the slow content addition rate at a point. However, there are some goodies to make the site more worthwhile. As we visited the site for the review, we noticed that the girls are those hot Russians we love to watch in hard videos. This forecasted the next revelation we had: the site has a large network to back it up, which means that you can access a really big porn compilation there. The name of the network tells you everything: 1PassForAllSites.

Well, you won’t get an ultimate pass for every online porn websites, but you do get a pass to what this network has in store for you. There are 29 sites included with your membership at this time, though the number might be subject to changes. The included sites feature all kinds of hardcore stuff: you can find juicy porn videos on them with these Russian hotties, who do more anal sex with fresher guys and perform in lesbian action too… but if you are looking for good age gap porn, then there are few series you should check. Most of the content of the 1PassForAllSites network is exclusive, and they keep a somewhat regular update schedule network wide.

Site Layout

Though the OldYoungAnal was launched in 2013, it has a more old-fashioned look. The tour itself is quite fast to be finished: you just have to browse through a selection of photos and once you have seen enough, you can go into the members’ area. The registration is simple, you only have to watch out for the offers on the card info page. When you log in, you land on the central hub of the 1PassForAllSites network. You will see the OldYoungAnal videos listed first, but eventually, you will end up watching the videos of the network. The navigation isn’t the best, but you can find your way around with the help of the tags, the search engine, and the girls’ name. The site itself, the OldYoungAnal doesn’t have that many videos, so you can browse through it easily, and if you want to view something else, then you can use those navigation tools.

The videos are something to see, that’s certain. Actually, they are the features saving the site from being forgettable: there are HD videos for you to watch. In case you enjoy this kind of kinky porn, we are certain you will appreciate the good video quality. Although the highest resolution you can get is 720p, it’s from the better kind: the videos have been captured in HD, they are not remastered. You can download the scenes if you like them, but the streaming is a good option too. For downloading, WMV and MP4 files are granted, while the video stream is a Flash-based one. Both options are good. The image galleries the OldYoungAnal grants you, are all connected to the videos. In most cases, they are digital photos captured during the action, though we saw some normal screen caps too. Well, nevertheless, there are photos here, and they look good.

Chicks and Movies

The OldYoungAnal features those hot Russian girls we love so much. Those natural, tight-body chicks are our fantasy girls: they look amazing, and they are available for anything. Even though it’s just porn, these hotties must be real-life bastards when it comes to sex, and their boyfriend is probably a lucky man. Since we can’t get our hands on them, we just watch them in hard porn. Thanks to the high video resolution, we can see every cute detail of their body, and since it’s an anal-themed porn site, their butthole is featured and shown from up close.

The girls are all professionals, and they take on those old cocks like they take on a 20 years old dude’s hard schlong. Every video has a story or a theme. For example, some of the scenes feature as an old doctor takes advantage of his patient, and fucks her in the butt, thus making her headache go away. It seems to be working, though we recommend you not to try this with your girlfriend! These scripted scenes go on for 15-20 minutes, and the anal sex is quite well-covered, they get to it really fast. Since the guys are quite old, the girls do most of the moving, but they do it really well!

Bottom Line

Fortunately, the network access is free, so this is a major benefactor. There are thousands of videos throughout the network, featuring those fine Russians, covering hardcore, often kinky niches. If you know what’s good, then you give a chance to the OldYoungAnal, and to the hot network behind this fine selection of anal age gap porn!


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