In case you have a liking for Red Sonja, but have not yet succeeded in telling a gal to don a chainmail bikini for you, then this site comes to your rescue. Mythic Women might be the precise platform you have been anticipating for. Gerald Laidmore is the guy behind this portal, and he presents to your some pretty ladies, exotic scenes, and handmade outfits.

Site Layout

They have an appealing user interface on the website, and that is it. There is plenty of gen regarding the material on the website. I was very thrilled to see the constant news on updates as well as concerning what is ensuing on the platform and there were just about satisfactory features, too. The movie and image alternatives here were truly amazing. In addition, the photo sets are all accessible in zip downloads, plus the images in these were of a pretty decent quality too. The sections here are placed on the left side of the screen. You can easily view the images and videos, find for a chick on the model index and also have a glimpse at a math contest. I am glad that the engineers fine-tuned this porn platform to load well on mobile devices. Folks who are always on the go are sorted here.

Chicks and Movies

Mythic Women is a porn site focused mainly of pictures, but they are also uploading a few clips, too. I saw this sinfully pretty bitch warrior donning a skimpy bikini that unveiled her boobs as well as her cherry in good to look at images. Another one was a sexy brunette slut known as Lexi. She is donning metal bikini and boots and poses all over the dungeon. Yet another chick is this teasing brunette Eva who has decent body poses in bikini and goes topless. At the time of my visit, I did find that they have around 50 videos, which were accompanied by more than 100 sets of pictures. Also, get to know that all the content in here is exclusive. That said, you are not going to find the content uploaded here in any other site out there. The videos loaded at a decent resolution of 1280 X 720, which is a high definition display quality. The film types include Windows Media Videos, MP4s, and Flash videos for both the video downloads as well as streams. Speaking of the images, the highest resolution I saw was a decent 1920 X 1080 pixels. Yes, they are updating the content in here, but not as frequently. From what I could grasp, it is like a novel image set is added to the anthology once a month, whilst fresh clips are just uploaded once in every three months. You may want to use the time in between the updates to look at some of the behind-the-scenes images as well as a forum. They have a few bonuses to assist you in killing time as well. This site will certainly hold your attention when it comes to offering unique content at a pocket friendly subscription plan.

Bottom Line

Mythic Women is both a marvelous website and also a truly enjoyable one. Subjectively, I am at all times in the market for pretty chicks donning sexy and stimulating garments, hence this was definitely going to catch my attention. However, there is a lot more to it than that since this is not just your normal cosplay portal.