The MyMILFStory has a collection of MILF-focused porn videos, coming from a reputable studio, the ElegantAngel. This portal is pretty hot, and the ladies you can see in these scenes are all professionals, who give their best for your entertainment. The MyMILFStory promises you hardcore sex, weekly updates, and though it’s not stated, a lot of bonuses are suggested too. So, let us head to the core and see what we can get out to help you in making the decision about this site. It seems that the site has been online for seven years, and after the launch in 2009 it received regular updates, up to a certain point. Currently there are more than 80 scenes for you, coming from ElegantAngel DVDs, and offering some pretty high quality. The scenes are accompanied by sets of pictures too. It looks like the content isn’t exactly exclusive, because the videos can be found on the official ElegantAngel site, and on DVDs too. However, the bonuses make up for the lack of updates and exclusivity.

The MyMILFStory is a site from the PornstarNetwork, which is a huge network, with more than 100 studios’ content. If you join the MyMILFStory, you gain access to this network. There are about 50 sites on the PornstarNetwork’s list, and about 20,000 scenes are yours to enjoy. The videos you can view range from softcore lesbian scenes of the Sweetheart Studio to heavy hardcore sex videos of Rocco Siffredi. The name of the network isn’t exaggerating, you get access to actual and past porn stars, which do their best to make you cum hard. Majority of the network content however is not exclusive. But if you consider the fact that there are over 100 studios, hundreds of stars and professional directors featured here, you will see that it’s pretty much worth it.

Site Layout

We utterly enjoyed the tour around the MyMILFStory, because apart from the sexy pictures and the overall nice layout, there’re pretty hot preview clips for you, showing every aspect of the scenes. These videos may be only half minute long, but they do feature some hot action. When you had your fun, you should also take a look on the list of the included bonuses, because that’s also one hot list, and it’s convincing enough. The site doesn’t have its own members’ zone; when you register and log in, you get to the PornstarNetwork members’ area, where you can find the content of this site listed, along with some neat tools to navigate. There is a logo on the top, and next to it, you can see the menu. From this menu you can go through the network content, and there are the additional extras listed: you can view the live chats, visit a dating site, a store, and read reviews of the network.

Also, you can view the content by type: videos or pictures, you can list the studios, and the DVDs. There is a models’ list too, where you can access all girls and their videos too. So if you fancy a star, open her/his profile and browse her videos. The videos are listed a bit lower, and there is another quick menu on the left, where you can like, report error, add to favorites or bookmark the selected sites. The videos of the MyMILFStory can be listed by scenes and by DVDs. You have some filtering and sorting options, use them to narrow the results.

You can access some older and several newer videos from this series. The old scenes offer good porn, but their maximum resolution is only 480p. However, the fresher flicks are coming from the better quality: they go up to 720p and 1080p, and the sex in them is also awesome. You can watch them in the browser, played via a Flash player, which uses MP4 files. The downloadable video format is also MP4, and for a slightly better playback and video quality we advise you to save the scenes. These are DRM-free files, you get to keep what you save. In case you enjoy watching hot MILFs in hardcore action, you should do well to check the included picture galleries too. They can be saved as archived files, and they offer even better quality, especially the photos. The PornstarNetwork has a mobile-friendly interface.

Chicks and Movies

You will find some well-known names featured in these videos. MILFs are always kind of kinky, because they are older than your usual porn stars, but they still have gorgeous body, great butt, wet pussy, and amazing fake tits. In these videos you can see as famous MILFs are doing their business. Just to mention the most popular one: Julia Ann appears in some scenes, and she does an excellent job. You will find out soon enough that mostly Caucasian models are featured here, but you can enjoy ethnic models’ sexy scenes on the network sites. Every video is studio-made. This means that they are done in neat environment, they are captured by a professional crew, and they all tell a story. The situations featured are all ordinary, thus making them to be sexy reality-scenes. You will find the sex surprisingly intense. One would expected overplaying and even some faking from such videos, but here, you will get real sex.

Bottom Line

The MyMILFStory is a fun and real hardcore porn series. If you like the US studio-porn, and you have a crush on mature women, you will love these scenes. There might be no new scenes coming, but the network access makes up for it, and there are hundreds of hardcore MILF-focused porn videos waiting for you. We advise you to join this site if you love MILFS, but if you like porn just as it is, then just join for the great network content.


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