Lubed is the top fetish porn site that provides that sex does not have to be neat at all times. Sometimes, it is more pleasurable to have the messy and rough sex. It has a lot of slippery and wet hardcore fetish porn videos that will definitely heat you up. This site is quite similar to Big Wet Butts, one of the most popular sites in this niche.

Site Layout

What can you expect from a site that features messy and hardcore sex scenes? Well, I think you’ll probably think that it might opt for a shiny or slippery effect with a caution symbol somewhere in the page, right? Ironically, Lubed has some pretty spotless web site design here. The site is free from shiny or oil-like effects but instead, it only has a simple and minimal design all around the site. The blue and green accents are what make the site interesting and not boring. The contents are also well organized. I had no problem accessing it through a Desktop PC and the same goes when I accessed it on my mobile device. Therefore, I would say that this site has a flexible User Interface.

The navigation tool of the site is also something that should be commended. One thing is that it is just simple. It uses font styles that can easily be read. It also has a trendy design, no borders and no glittery effects when hovered. The main menu has the following tabs: Home, Scenes, Girls, Favorites, Live Cams and Deals. Basically, the home tab will bring you back to the welcome page where you’ll be greeted will all sorts of slippery videos and photos and some site updates. The scenes tab will take you to where you can find all the videos in the site. The girls tab is where you can find the list of models in the site. From here, you’ll be linked to a page showing a list of videos specific to that model only. The favorites tab is obviously where you can find the videos you marked as favorite. The live cams and deals tabs are some of the bonus contents that you can expect from the site.

There are now over 16 videos in the site. Each of these videos is 30 minutes long and you can download or stream. These videos can be downloaded in MP4, WMV and MPEG file formats. The MP4 formats can either be in the following resolutions: 4096×2160 with a bit rate of 24000 kilobytes per seconds, 1920×1012 with a bit rate of 11000 kilobytes per seconds and 1280×720 with a bit rate of 4600 kilobytes per seconds. The WMV files are in 1280×720 with a bit rate of 8500 kilobytes per seconds. Lastly, the MPEG files are only at 852×450 with a bit rate of 8000 kilobytes per seconds. Aside from downloading these videos, you can also stream them using the site’s flash player.

Lubed has a pretty large Flash player if you want to stream so you don’t have to worry about not getting the best view. The streaming capability of this player is also great! In fact, you don’t have to wait longer to load the videos. The videos are also titled and dated. Aside from that, you’ll also know who starred in the video. Sometimes there is one actress in every video while in some videos, there are two. Moreover, the videos come along with photo galleries that you might want to check too! The photo collection in the site has already reached to 16 galleries already. Each of these galleries has about 200 pictures in it. This means that the site already has 3200 photos in total. The photos come in 1500×1000 resolutions. The pictures can be browsed one by one or you can download it in zip format.

The content of the site is quite enough as of now. Also, I don’t think there’s a need to worry about the size of its collection because it frequently updates its contents. So far, it adds 3 contents in a month which is already a good number to look forward to every month.

Chicks and Movies

There is a lot of variety of women here. Well maybe not when it comes to the nationality because all these girls are definitely from the United States, you can tell it by the skin color and the face structure. The girls also looked older than they actually are but it’s a good thing, right? They have bodies that are fully developed and resemble that of a professional porn stars that has been in the industry for ages now. These girls are all slim and sexy. There are also a few other stuffs that make these girls distinctive from the other. One distinction is the number of tattoos that they have. Some girls have really nice tattoos in some places in their body while some do not have. Another distinction is their pubic hair. Some girls like their pussy shaved while some wants to keep that bushy area exposed. There are also some that have really big tits and big butts while some girls still look sexy with their flat chest.

The videos are also very exciting to watch. There are a lot of different scenes shot from different locations. There are indoor scenes and there are outdoor scenes. In some indoor scenes, you can see a lot of sex in the bed but there are also scenes that take place in the shower. In every video, you’ll be expecting a lot of messy sex with girls getting lubed.

Bottom Line

Rough and wet sex is very erotic. Sometimes you just have to keep it fun and dirty to please yourself. I can tell that Lubed is the perfect site if you want to see this kind of adventure. It has a cheap membership fee and a flexible membership option but it seems like you’re getting more than what you are paying for. It has high quality videos and photos that surpass the quality of other porn sites out there. Here, you’ll get to watch 4K videos. These crisp and sharp videos will definitely make you cum in no time.


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