Limited Audience

Limited Audience


Hey dudes! My dudes! If you’re after the hardcore fucking, torment owning, and Dom-Sub affairs, then you have reached the finish line! This is it my brothers! The one we’ve all been waiting for! But a little warning, this site is not for the faint of heart! This site has pushed hardcore to its very limit and way passed it! I’m saying electrifying dildos man! Yeah, that’s what I’m saying! So you better watch out for this one! Even its own name speaks a lot about it! The website’s name is “Limitedaudience”, how cool is that. This site has such tenacity that it actually calls its members, LIMITED! But of course they’re not REALLY limited. Just you, limited in a sense that, not all individuals can have the balls to venture in this hardcore fucking site. You see, this site is for men like us who want to see these beautiful women, bound and powerless and just fucking them, playing with them, tormenting them and keep on fucking them until they cry for help AND STILL KEEP ON DRILLING THEM! You see, that’s what I’m talking about! This site ain’t for sissies! I know you’re not a sissy that’s why you’re here right now dude! Now come with me and let’s check out what’s hidden inside this crib!

Site Layout

Okay, so inside the homepage, the color scheme is mostly black with some dark designs in the background. But what really had my heart pumping was the cover picture! Dude, this thing features video thumbnails of their best videos that’s just been uploaded this week! I mean, the latest videos being uploaded per week! I just feel so sorry for these girls. Too bad they ain’t coming out any time soon, we men need to work out our muscles. Now if you follow me up in the latest tab, you’ll see here all the latest photos, latest videos and all the latest news as well! Yeah, they have news. You know, news like, they have a new pornstar, or new locations or stuff like that. Another part of their site that caught my attention was the blog page. This page actually hosts a lot of comments, reviews and even highlights about this site! It’s a collection of opinions from dozens of individuals. Really great that they thought of this, kinda gives you a second opinion, but well, you don’t need that because, you know… you got me! Now next we’re heading to the Help page. In here, you’ll find those mostly asked questions being answered by the developers, also some technical concerns and some tips for using the site. I’m giving this some plus points. You don’t find porn sites that have these kinds of stuff very often these days my friend.

Chicks and Movies

Now let’s talk about the ladies. In this site you’ll mostly see brunettes, but there are also blondies and redheads and other types of girls too. Now these girls are really sexy and beautiful, you can even notice the tan in their skin. Makes you think how well they’re taking care of themselves. These gorgeous women are also fond of wearing all sorts of outfits like satin, period, latex, dresses, and high heels. Anything to please their Doms. There is also some lesbian action as well. You see, they also have scenes where the Mistress takes charge of these ladies, and let me tell you. These Mistresses are really gonna make your day! They can torment these girls so bad that they don’t even KNOW the meaning of the word STOP. The fucking sessions are just amazing. They will fuck these girls while their hooked or tied up! My personal favorite is the tied up parts. What makes it even better is that these girls really beautiful and elegant. You’ll really love it when these guys start cutting down these girl’s dignity! It’s like seeing them cry for the first time! These girls can really moan, scream and even beg for mercy. But do the Doms give them any? No they don’t my friend. You see, once the paper is signed, there is no turning back! These girls are gonna have to endure it for the whole duration of the videos! The number of videos from this site abounds to about a thousand, full high definition with a big 720p resolution. That’s clear enough to see them fuck through a window my friend!

Bottom Line

Limitedaudience just might be the best in its category. I have never seen a site that centers on BDSM and still makes it even more hardcore than this one. Also, usually when I see BDSM sites, they usually host women that are obviously sluts. But in this site, it’s different. You can see the innocence, the naivety, even the cleanliness of their beauty. I would even love to find out where they found these girls. The fucking and the emotions are convincingly legit. I mean, those tears aren’t fake my friend. It means these girls, even though it’s just for entertainment, they are truly feeling the torment of it all. I also appreciate the website’s simplicity and dark aura that revolves around it. Makes you feel private and as if you’re in a chamber. The lighting is also superb, not too bright, and not too dark as well. It really preserves the darkness of the chambers. The camera angles are also excellent. It focuses in the parts where your eyes would tend to watch closely, I feel like the producers know where we want to look at in the first place. Overall, this site has done a really great job. The torment and the viciousness of it is genuine and untouched. I’d recommend this to a lot of users and porn lovers.

This website is no longer updated, we suggest you to visit Kink