Licensed To Blow

Licensed To Blow


With the world wide web brimming with porn sites that guarantee you good porn, it is in fact quite difficult to find something of high quality. Cue in Licensed to Blow, your one stop porn site that would most definitely tickle your fancy and introduce you to the world’s most glorifying blow jobs. Just as its famed name indicates, Licensed to Blow specializes in, well, blow jobs. You have ball licking, tit fucking (tit jobs, to most of you), sucking, two-cock handling, everything you can imagine a girl doing to you, so if you’re into great fellatio, then this site is your one and only paradise. Consisting of girls of diverse ethnicities and different builds, Licensed to Blow will open your eyes to the most intense of sex videos with girls being “officially taught” how to do a proper, satisfying, and delightful blowjob. You will be entertained by the massive amount of threesome blowjobs, messy faces, intense deep throats, huge facials, gagging, and the occasional “point of view” videos, all in the clear, high definition quality you have always wanted that other sites can’t offer you.

Site Layout

Licensed to Blow’s design layout is what you expect from a renowned porn site: it is emblazoned in hot pink and wine red making it easy on the eye and enables a calm environment for its members and viewers. Unlike most sites, Licensed to Blow’s navigation doesn’t make your head churn in disorder since most of the links provided can be found almost instantly; you will be able to find numerous tabs just below the blown-up featured updates and photos that will most likely guide you to where you want to be steered. Like almost every other site, you will be able to fully access Licensed to Blow when sign up as a member. You will have to input your desired username and password for you to be able to enjoy all the amazing and wonderful features of this rare gem.

When browsing the entire website, there are instances that some random pop-up girl that belongs to the website will ask you to pick her, so it’s your call but then again, why not? These pop-up girls could be your next blow-jobbing favorite. Also, picking out girls won’t be a problem since they provide an intricate drop-down menu that provides the names of all the available ladies they have in their website, including an option of picking out whether you prefer to gain access to a photo gallery or video of your respective favorite. Like most websites, the home page consists of a chock full of video previews which you can view when you hover your mouse and click on it. That actually saves you a lot of time when you want to watch newly updated videos or videos that probably rake the most views in a day, week, or for an overall performance.

For Licensed to Blow videos, you have an option of making them play in low or high resolution, with the choice to watch it online or download it. You can also decide whether you want to play it via Windows Media Player or Quick Time, in any quality you desire. There is a streaming option too, where in you can casually watch two horny gals and one lucky guy get into some intense threesome action, all in the glory of everything that is high definition. Signing up as a member also entitles you to other partner websites, where you don’t have to pay an extra fee. You only need to put in your Licensed to Blow username and password and bam, you’re able to enter websites like Puma Swede, Josie Lynn, and Ultimate Fantasy Girls! There are more but that list goes on forever! Let’s not forget the access to live cams where you get to engage in a delicious one on one performance when you head to CamZ.

Chicks and Movies

Now let’s talk about the bombshells in Licensed to Blow. I will have you know that each and every single one of these very horny ladies are different from each other in aspects like skin color, facial features, body shapes, but they will all have you lusting and craving for more. They are all hardcore and they will stop at nothing just to give you the satisfaction you deserve and desire. Case in point, you have girls like Sabrina Sweet, embarrassingly shy but highly wild in terms of sexing it up. You have Jasmine Rouge; blonde, gorgeous, tall, and just oozing with utmost sex appeal. She is practically just ready to do your naughty bidding. For brunette lovers, do not worry, brunettes are also in! Girls like Black Angelika will make sure she does not fall short compared to her blonde counterparts because she is just as wild, teasing, and horny. There are so many of these girls to choose from that it becomes hard to actually choose a favorite. But I say, who cares? Who cares if you can’t choose a favorite? Might as well enjoy the entire bunch!

Bottom Line

Now that you have probably taken everything into careful consideration, won’t you agree that this is the website of your dreams? I know that the count of videos isn’t as high as other websites, but they are all of excellent and profound quality. Would you rather indulge in a hundred of low-quality videos than give your time to a wonderful and enjoyable high-quality one? As far as porn sites may go, I am highly interested in Licensed to Blow the most since it’s something overflowing with potential and promise, just like the amount of cum drawn out by these amazing females! So what in the world are you waiting for? Sign up and be a part of something that’ll not only blow your mind but that cock as well.


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