Just like the site’s name suggests, IronLockup is a website that contains the most grueling sexual action. As many gay porn sites are filled with the same old faces and fucking scenes, such a breakthrough site will offer you a fresh outlook on things. The tingling sensation that your balls will get when you arrive on this site is incomparable to anything that you have ever felt before. IronLockup has a fully equipped dungeon that houses all your darkest and deepest sexual desires.

There is nothing to be afraid of; everything is done in good fun and unforgettable cum-madness. The location scenes are exactly what you imagine by now-huge abandoned rooms that are filled with water and a prison cell area where prisoners are usually confined. The video shoots are highly promising and have a lot of enjoyment to offer. The site is centered a documentary porn and it will wholesomely welcome you to a great world of kink. I am sure that IronLockup is a site that you have never seen before.

You will be instantly impressed by what the site has to offer. This is not a place for softies; only pairs of eyes that appreciate hardcore will be able to suffice. You will be treated as a first-hand witness to all of the sexual experiences. If the gay dungeon sounds like a place that you could love to visit, IronLockup is the perfect site for you. The performers are most definitely experienced and will not leave you wanting for any more than you have already seen. IronLockup is all about the sexual escapades of a Master who is known as Sir Pan. Often join by his partner “the puppy“, in many appearances, you will be delighted for both of them to dominate your world. This does not mean that you will not be able to catch a few other faces that will bring you raw action equally will. The benefits to joining IronLockup are many.

They include having exclusive access to DRM-free content which comes as full-length videos. To be precise, the site has 192+ videos that come with high HD specifications. The best part about the content on this site is that the videos are truly lengthy; therefore, you can count on the kind of viewing that you deserve. Unfortunately, the videos can only be streamed online in order to be accessed. The sets are pretty impressive and you can tell that the site has put a lot of effort into creating scenes that will make a difference in the adult industry. Apart from the videos, the site also offers a good number of high resolution pictures that will get you excited. However, do not get over-ambitious; the site has only five photo galleries. IronLockup is still a fairly new site; therefore, the quantity of galleries is understandable. IronLockup has done well for itself in the provision of videos. It currently boasts of 192 flicks.

Site Layout

IronLockup has a very unique ‘about’ page. Not many sites take the time to introduce you to its content; therefore, the more fact that IronLockup welcomes you to its site is quite brilliant. On the member’s area, you will find ten movie samples that have the right descriptions and links that will send you to similar scenes. As with many other sites, you will be able to see the ‘recently added’ section at the top of the page. The dated content will enable you to distinguish what has been uploaded recently from the older video versions. Videos have a runtime of 45 minutes or more. You will be happy to know that IronLockup will give you the kind of entertainment that you deserve. The videos are of great quality and contain the best playback options that you have ever on a top-notch site.

Guys and Movies

The content on the site is mainly focused on Sir Pan, a man who is a more mature man with the biggest cock that I have probably ever seen. His beard perfectly suits him as he plays the part of the Dom that he is. It distinguishes him from all the other performers that make appearances on the site. Working hand in hand with “the puppy”, an equally attractive man who is Sir Pan’s right hand man, he is equally seductive-looking and brings something different to all of the scenes. As for the rest of the gay guys, they have average bodies, some being more muscular than their big-bellied counterparts.

They are a variety of fresh faces and men who also look a little more experienced. All the men have different kinky interests and they are not afraid to show you what they can do. They act as prisoners of war in interrogation. Some prefer the use of rope and steel too in order for the scenes to be as real as they can get. Do not count on seeing any scripts on this site. Those who enjoy solitary confinement can also be found here. Therefore, you should be prepared for anything. Fetish porn lovers will love the kind of content that IronLockup has to offer. The nasty activities will prove to you that you still have a lot to learn about sexual pleasure and entertainment. There are many scenes where the subs (name of the men who are not Masters like Sir Pan) ask sir Pan to do something but in turn, he beats and flogs them because they did not use the magic word, please. All the scenes feature a prisoner impression that you will not want to surpass. The men on IronLockup will show you the true meaning of entertainment.

Bottom Line

IronLockup mainly revolves around men who are into rough hardcore sex. You will surely enjoy the plethora of action that you will see on the site. Representing a realistic and authentic niche, members will enjoy the secrecy that accompanies each and every scene. IronLockup was designed to highly impress.

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