Cum is the name of the game, and seeing it in loads is what makes me aroused at any day of the week, any hour and any second. Though, I prefer my videos raw and unabridged, so seeing them from amateurs makes for an even better experience, in my book. That is why I was delighted to find ICumGFs and see all the cum swapping and cum eating out there, coming from the people, worldwide. It does not get better than that, or does it? Wait and see.

Site Layout

Getting to the home page, I was already won over, and by nothing else but the giant collage of images, presumably taken from the videos themselves, of girls, all innocent looking, but eating cum at every turn. Some of them have it around and in their pussies, some of them on their boobs, but most of them in their mouths. This is a good start, and it gets better, as there are a lot of previews on the site, of the videos and the photos, alike, the best being reserved for the members, only. The membership is inexpensive, and easy to get, as there are clear guidelines as how to register, and how to get to your favorite video, in no time at all. Likewise, I noticed that the site is really speedy, allowing you to surf its pages and load many videos at once, without lag. The mobile version works great, too, giving you the option of surfing from anywhere other than your desktop chair.

Chicks and Movies

I have come to love every bit of this site, due to the fact that its content is real and user submitted. There is rarely a video out there that can beat the real life sex and fucking that these people do. Getting to see all the cumshots that are manually submitted by the users is really great, simply because you get to see what they do when they have sex, and that is every bit as arousing as seeing the cum in the girls’ mouths. The girls are loving it, too, greedily licking up every last drop of cum as it drips from the pulsating penis. They sometimes get it out from their pussies, only to lick it up again, and get their game on with some really sexy and dirty moves, swapping the cum, after licking it off each other’s pussies. This site is home to some of the kinkiest amateur videos and you should not lose a second more, but go and explore its pages, even more so because of the perks it has. The perks come in the form of more sites, 12 more, to be exact, and they are loaded with different content, too. Different enough not to be featured on this one, yet of a great quality, too, and updated daily, as this one is.

Bottom Line

So, getting so many sites for the price of one, and a cheap one, too, makes for a really great deal where you end up as being the absolute winner, getting so much great porn, along with some of the greatest cumshots I have ever seen. Join in the fun and see girls eat cum and love every bit of it, along with other videos, that come free with the membership.

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