There are times, even in porn entertainment when I wish I learned from the “hose” how to run. I struck my luck with Girls Way. You guessed it right. It is girls doing girls. They do it with a different touch; an erotic touch that sets you on a horny adventure all the way until you wet your pants.

Site Layout

Girls Way is a network of sites. In fact, it is also called Girls Way Network. One of the best aspects of Girls Way is in their design. I was invited to a well thought out platform, filled with many access and navigation tools. I could begin my porn entertainment escapades by clicking on the thumbnails and going straight to the central arena. A drop down menu is provided to offer users a quick glimpse at the entertainment choices and other details. I could also follow the girls in their performances because there is some form of model index provided. Although the index doesn’t go deep and provide the bios and other stats, it achieves its accessibility function and offers an option to choose videos by model.

If you wish to check out specific content there is a basic search tool that allows you to key in a keyword and sample what you wish. The tool is basic but works fine. Other interesting aspects of the design and features of Girls Way include the interactive element that allows users to rate scenes and post comments about the performers. The content on the platform loads impressively fast. The videos come in full HD specs that hit the 1080p standards. I could also check out the entertainment from my mobile phone. I was impressed that streaming and downloading content on mobile devices is just as and seamless as it is on PC. So, you bet I stole some of those idle work hours savoring the steamy lesbian sessions that ensue on Girls Way. Some of the network sites on Girls Way include Mommy’s Girl, Web Young, and Girls Try Anal

Chicks and Movies

In porn entertainment, there is plenty of heterosexual performance that is all too familiar. So, this time I sought something different. I craved for a lesbian site that would teach me something. I sought to learn from a girl how to get her sex hormones running wild and yearning for an orgasm at the soonest time. The action on Girls Way is organized in such a way that there is a reason for the girls to get down in naughty sexual encounters. There is always a precursor. You are presented with girls getting close and bonding from the social front in such a way that you notice sparks begin to fly between them. When they finally decide to cool off the steam, you are already set for the encounter. In fact, you see it coming before it happens. Therefore, you are already grounded in the chain of events. The videos are captured by professionals. There is no shaking or wavy feel to the action.

Some of the network sites include WebYoung, Mommy’s Girl, Girls Try Anal and Sex Tape Lesbians. They offer both complimentary and varied entertainment. I shouldn’t forget to mention the extra segment that includes a scripted feature called Little Red, done in the earlier day: it is a lesbian fairy tale with an entertaining twist. There is enough entertainment to keep you hooked for days on end. There are over 870 videos. Each of the flicks plays for an average of 20 minutes. The videos can be viewed in MP4, WMV and streamed in Flash. You also have over 1000 galleries. Each set has 120 pics on average.

Bottom Line

Girls Way offers steamy lesbian entertainment with a difference. You have a well-scripted performance accompanied by a set of easy access features. The quality of the videos is impeccable. The gorgeous girls and the variety of real steamy sex will make you want to try out Girls Way.


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