GFs Love Panties

GFs Love Panties


Gfslovepanties is a website that has cute amateur girlfriends that get naughty and shoot videos and take photos with their panties on. When I first accessed the site i thought that there would be minimal content but i was shocked. Maybe because I thought the site was all about girls who are crazy about panties. Here we have videos of girls getting fucked with their panties on. In some cases the girls are using toys on solo masturbation still with their panties on.

Site Layout

When you sign in into gfslovepanties you will be redirected to a different site called ex-girlfriend pass mobile. Actually the link will show you videos from the network (has 18 bonus networks) that are being watched at the moment by other members. To get to gfslovepanties, go to the networks and click that icon. It will show you all the networks available. The site has a white background. On the homepage there are explicit images of girls in thongs, panties, pantyhoses and stockings. Some of them are showing off their butt holes, pussies or taking selfies in one of these under garments. The writings on the website are in blue and pink. Also most of the girls are in blue and pink. On top of the home page there are 4 menus namely home, members login, bonus members stuff, join now and submit your content. Also in every photo on the homepage there is an instant access icon and ones you click on it it redirects you to the sign up sheet. Going around the site is a walk in the park. The menus on the homepage make it easier to access videos and photos.

Chicks and Movies

Gfslovepanties has real amateur girls. Most of these videos and photos are submitted by their boyfriends or from stolen phones or hacked social media accounts. The site has material for everyone coz all tastes and preferences are covered here. Most of these girls are 19-25 years of age. They are mainly whites but you cannot miss girls from other ethnicities too. These girls have such amazing bodies with cute butts, tits and defined waist lines. It’s not easy to determine the exact number of girls on the website. One blonde caught my attention. She looked like a 20 years old. She had pink panties with polka dots. She was showing off her butt. Approximately, there are 121 plus videos. There is also a bonus of 7391 plus videos from the bonus sites. The videos can be downloaded in WMV formts pf 1080p (1440×1080) or mp4 format 360p (640×360). The videos can be streamed online in embedded flash or watched on windows player. There is no limit of the number of videos or photos that one can download or stream. There is also an addition of 55 plus image galleries with each having a minimum of 25 pictures each. In one of the videos, the girl was doing solo masturbation. She started the show by removing the panties seductively to her knees and bending over to show her well-trimmed pussy and butt hole. She then removed her top to show nice perky boobs with big nipples. She started using a pink clit massager but one could still see her pink panties. She spread her pussy lips wide and put the massager on them. I could see her orgasm building up intensely. She came so hard splashing pussy juices allover.

Bottom Line

We all have different fetishes. If yours is seeing naughty girls fuck in panties, thongs, pantyhoses or stockings this is the site for you. I was amazed how these girls could fuck with their panties on. The membership fee is also quite friendly and affordable and the fact that there are bonus sites, it gets even better. I would highly recommend the site for all panty lovers.

This website is no longer updated, take a look at Pantyhose Movie Club