French Twinks

French Twinks


FrenchTwinks is a gay porn site dedicated for the hottest guys in France. It showcases some of the best videos among French twinks in their mind blowing sex positions and sex acts. As compared to other twink sites that are being provided online, the guys here have that fresh and inexperienced naïve look which makes all the more qualified to do the part as the fucked twink in France. If you take a notice on other twink sites, most of the male performers there have that Eastern or European facial attributes. This makes them look as if they have already been used in doing the usual sexual performance because they have that matured look on their faces. Whereas in FrenchTwinks, the guys have that naïve yet sexy look on their faces and that most of them are new and fresh talents so you can feast your eyes watching these hot French twinks in action.

The videos that are shown here are all HD quality and that you would also be able to gain access to a number of good porn sites once you become a member and subscribe in FrenchTwinks. The updates made to this site would usually take place every after five days to nine days interval. However, in most cases, it can be more frequent than that depending of the number of new updates being added. You would also be able to enjoy some great bonus freebies once you access the site. You are then provided access to other great porn sites that are equally as hot and titillating as FrenchTwinks.

Site Layout

In FrenchTwinks, you would be able to enjoy a total of 120 videos all exclusive to this site. When it comes to the quality of the videos, there are a number of videos in various sizes which can be downloaded in your mobile or in your computer. The biggest sized video of them all is the full HD video at 1920×1080. But if you want a lower quality video for those with slow internet speed connection, you can download 840 x 460 video quality but still in very watchable. Each of the featured movies in FrenchTwinks comes with a set of screen shots that serve as a come hither for you to watch the whole video.

The quality of the images is very impressive due to nice lighting. Throughout the layout of the site, you can right away see French twinks in serious action and that the galleries that are being presented there have a very user-friendly layout so you can easily download the pictures for your personal and convenient viewing. Twinks are now increasing in popularity in the porn industry. And because of the popularity of the twink community, the French gays have leveled up their game bringing more hot action and horny sex scenes. FrenchTwinks has made this possible.

Guys and Movies

As mentioned, the guys here look inexperienced looking and very raw. It seems like they have just been handpicked from the heart of the French city and have been asked to fuck and get fucked for money. There are new faces in FrenchTwinks, faces that are actually new in the porn industry. But mind you, they have that slender package and cute faces that make them best eye candies among gays. These amateur twink performers are aged not more than 23 years of age. If you take time and check most of the videos here, you would see that some guys there have already been seen on other gay porn sites but generally, most of them are practically new talents. While it may be said that FrenchTwinks is simply a porn site dedicated for twinks, there are also other gay performers in the site as well that are not necessarily categorized as twinks.

There are some well-built men, hairy bodies and athletic guys that pretty much put variety in this site. When it comes to their physical features, you can also tell the versatility of their racial descent. You can tell that there are guys coming from the Mediterranean origin. Most of them have olive skin and some of them are blond Caucasians. Given these different kinds of gays, you can also find a good variety of the dicks that they have. Some are uncut while some are slender. There are also huge cocks and there are long cocks. You would love to see the dick variety. Generally, the videos that are being shown here are hardcore porn. But since variety is one of the main characteristics of the site FrenchTwinks, you can also see some soft porn scenes that are sexy and highly stimulating.

There are some masturbation scenes and those that make use of sexy toys. There is an equal distribution of sex videos on twosomes, group sex, and threesomes. You would also definitely see a lot of French kissing, rimjobs, ass fucking and some intense blow jobs. Moreover, you would also witness some nasty cum facials. The quality of the videos is definitely top notch. Proper lighting is being done in order to better complement the location of the sex scene and the actual sex scene itself. You don’t have to worry about videos being too grainy or being too shaky so you would definitely enjoy watching these videos.

Bottom Line

For the trial membership, they only get download one single video only. But then, if you are considered to be a regular member, still you are also being provided a limited number of downloads in the videos as well. Indeed, the site is very good with sex scenes worthy of gay erection. They may only remain to be quite the tease unless accessibility of watching the great and nasty arousing videos should be broadened by the admin of the site.

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