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We are actually pretty happy with the porn industry today. There was a time when there were a lot of taboo in the world and porn videos were really hard to come by. You really have to go to specialty shops in order to get porn videos which can either be rented or sold. This is the reason why our fathers and uncles probably settled on taking a look at sexy photos from magazines. However, the kinds of porn that we are referring to are just the regular ones. You know, those pictures and images that contain a really hot chick who also happens to be naked and sometimes, even having sex.

Hence, those that are interested in watching more than just the regular porn, those that enjoy different kinds of fetishes really had it hard during those days. They don’t really have any resource to get the porn materials that they need in their lives. All they had were their imagination and that’s it. Fortunately, when the internet came along, so did a sort of liberation. Suddenly the world of porn opened for everyone and there was a space to cater to the different fetishes. Yes, I understand that these types of porn sites, even today, are still challenging to come by, but there is one ultimate fetish website that has always been here since 1994.

This porn site is called the FetishClub. According to the porn site’s tagline, it is the “first and largest fetish mega site”, and it contains all the different kinds of fetish videos. Just think about it, they have started building their collection since 1994 and all of these videos are all ready for you to explore and enjoy. They certainly have everything covered, even those new types of fetishes that we are only seeing today. Not to mention that the site is also regularly updated. Well, what else can you say anyway with a mega porn site that has existed for so long? If it wasn’t well maintained and if it did not have high-quality videos, then it should have melted away already just like the other porn sites that have come and go and have been forgotten already. Don’t worry we are going to talk more about the different membership perks later on, but for now, let us go ahead with the porn site review first.

Site Layout

I personally enjoyed the design and overall layout of the porn site. The choice of graphics and colors that you are going to see on the site really ties FetishClub together. In fact, the moment that I have landed on the homepage I immediately felt that I was really on a porn site that features different kinds of hardcore fetishes. Just the color theme itself, red and black already sets your mood. Aside from the colors, you will see a really large welcome banner that already contains some of the most exciting scenes that you are going to enjoy on the porn site. This is only a fraction of the scenes that you are going to see in FetishClub, though, and that I know for sure.

Once you scroll down, you will see the different membership perks in bullet points. These are like the different reasons why you should join the site, and after reading this segment I am a hundred percent sure that you will be sold and register as a member, especially if you are a fan of different fetish videos. Below that segment, you will then see in thumbnails more reasons why you should join the FetishClub. And finally, the different content that you could explore. Some of these are The Abyss Theaters, Hot Shots Galleries, Cyberfold Girls, and more.

Chicks and Movies

And because this porn site just has a lot of content (if not the biggest fetish collection anywhere both online and offline) expect to see a plethora of different girls, all devoted in catering to your different fetish needs! I would not even be too surprised if they actually have a model coming from all the different countries all over the world. That’s how diverse their porn site is! Not only that, they also got all the different types of girls covered. They have long legged girls, ladies with really pretty feet, those with unbelievably big boobs, and more. This ensures that whatever type of fetish you may have, you would not have any difficulties finding the girl and the video that will satisfy your cravings to the fullest.

Bottom Line

And now, let us talk about the different membership perks that were mentioned a while ago. First, FetishClub is already a big and popular site in the porn industry. In fact, it has been mentioned in the magazines, Hustler and Taboo already. Their collection includes over ten thousand different fetish videos belonging to different categories, genres, and niches. And of course, for those who enjoy images, they also have a great collection of high-resolution images of up to a hundred and twenty thousand pictures in all (with more being added each day!). To top that, they also have different erotic stories that you will surely enjoy.

For those who want to learn more about their fetish, and other fetishes for that matter, they have in-depth fetish information. This includes answers to the questions that you have always been meaning to ask, but can’t, or you simply just don’t have any venue to ask it from. Moreover, they also have a comprehensive fetish shop of hard to find items and sexy playthings to take your fetish offline and enjoy it with your partner yourself! FetishClub is truly a one-stop haven for fetish lovers all around the world.


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