Comic porn may not be very popular as yet but it is rapidly gaining grounds. The number of websites that are comic based is enough proof to show that. It may have been difficult to imagine for an instance why anyone will choose to read stories with animals instead of watching real people. That is the joy of being a human being; freedom of choice. Different strokes for different folks. As producers have realized that there is a huge market for those who love comic porn, many have rushed in to take a piece of the market share by creating comic porn sites. Unfortunately, most of these sites are not worth a visitor’s time and most people end up getting disappointed. However, this will not happen with enchantae. Enchantae; this site that will so enchant you, you will be turning pages after pages of content as you get caught up in the well-written story. This website definitely beats most of the other websites in this genre. The story is set in the skies somewhere in the middle of nowhere. It is the world where people know real freedom. They believe in their goddess Anoa and her Priestess Nerita who dish out sexual rites that the inhabitants of the land are only too happy to follow. As the story unfolds, Kings betray their queens with palace slaves and Queens do not hesitate to reciprocate by making sure the King’s personal confidante is their secret lover. Everybody seems to know what is going on with everyone but no one seems to have a care. Many people are hurrying to join the site as they have heard the wonderful reviews given by those who have used the site. The interesting aspect is that it doesn’t cost and arm and a leg to become a member. For a minimum fee, you could be reading the different volumes of the story in the next few minutes.

Site Layout

Enchantae has a simple website that was designed to reflect the idea of living in the sky. If you remember correctly, we said before that enchantae is a land somewhere up in the sky. The site owners did their best to reflect the sky aspect by using a sky blue and white color theme. As you land on the homepage you really get this floating feeling of being in the sky. The homepage has a picture background that is usually a scene from the latest update to the site. This picture is really provocative with the anima shown in sexually explicit positions that leave the viewer no room for imagination. As for the menu tabs, they are arranged vertically on the left-hand side of the website. It has a comprehensive menu tab that includes tabs for story, characters, volume 1, news, members, join now, commissions and download. The story tab takes you to a page where a quick summary about enchantae is given. To know the characters that feature in the story, the character tab is where to click. If you are looking at getting all information about the first volume of enchantae, then the volume 1 tab is where to click. Some people would love to have drawings of their favorite characters and scenes from the story. They can get this by clicking on the commission page and placing a request.

Chicks and Comics

There are eight main characters in the enchantae story. They include; Nerita, Peka, Imp, troll, Jator, Szardust, Mannis and Chloe. Nerita is a priestess of the goddess Anoa whose sole assignment is to ensure that the people of enchantae are granted their sexual wishes. Peka is Anoas Nun who also happens to be Nerita’s aide. She is happy to take part in the temple rituals irrespective of whether they involve men, women or trolls. Jator is the palace playboy and the head of the King’s security guard. While he is the center of attraction in the palace, he is secretly having an affair with Nerita who he is prepared to lay down his life for. Mannis; the King does not have time to cater to the administrative needs of his people; he has left that hard work to szardust the magician. Now he is free to pleasure himself with his numerous imps. Queen Chloe spends her days idle so she has to look for some meaningful distraction. This distraction she finds Jator can perfectly provide. While she is enchanted with Jator, szardust the palace magician is scheming up ways to gain favor in her sight. Szardust has been handed the kingdom on a platter of gold by the king. He runs the affairs and now craves to overthrow. Meanwhile, he will really love to have the queen for himself although he despises her so much for hating him. The trolls are captured from their land, Big Rock while they are fresh and brought to enchantae to serve as slaves. They don’t only do slave work but they also end up servicing the women’s sexual delights. Imps are sent to enchantae from the land of goblins as slaves. They serve in each household and also act as sexual companions. Imps are all female.

Bottom Line

A quick look at the poster for episode 114 “I will entertain you” reveals a beat of what enchantae is all about. On the cover page, you find two imps entertaining a man; one has her mouth firmly wrapped around his dick while the other is making sure he has a mouthful of her big boobs. That is how detailed the illustration on this site are. Members are presented with updates to the story on a regular basis. As a member you will have more than access to excerpts of the story; you will gain full access to all episodes of the story from the date of creation till date.