Demure Ladies

Demure Ladies


Demure ladies serves you with adult entertainment with a bit of reservation. It is at the special ladies model site that places emphasis on class and discreet display of sexual energy. The site toys with the concept of flirting and places class and exclusivity at the center of the game. If you have a knack for peeking under the bras and dresses of ladies with high status, you will find a comfortable home at demureladies.

Site Layout

DemureLadies is a mobile-friendly website. You can download and stream high quality videos on any mobile device with access to the internet. It is organized such that each of the models has her time with the client; you. You get a sneak preview of revealing antics in one of the captions on the first page. I didn’t see any chance fro live cams but the images are as good as real. I noticed that the site loads very fast; I figured it is perhaps because of the special focus they make; there is hardly any external pop ups in the form of ads. The yellow color in the background makes the thumbnail captions on the pages outstandingly clear. There is no search function for you on the site but you really do not need it given that each of the listed items has a direct link to the page that contains the full story. You are required t sign up for membership to get unlimited access to the content.

Chicks and Movies

Demureladies features amateur ladies that shy away from hardcore stuff and prefer a modest display of their knickers, straps, boots and suspenders underneath. The ladies are featured in photos and videos that show them in apparent innocent poses on sofas, steps and other resting places around their homes. You are clearly the stalker in these videos. The ladies seem to change sitting positions on sofas while inadvertently revealing their in-betweens. They are draped in all manner of modest to explicitly titillating clothe wear. If you have an appetite for more explicit stuff, you might be disappointed because the models on demureladies have a line they will not cross. You will not see them actively engaged in a sexual encounter with another. In fact you are the model’s flirting mate when you click on a video or photo link. Yet, the sheer feeling of a special treat leaves me satisfied with what the site offers.

There are numerous videos and pics in HD for you to stream or download. The models are all pretty in their own right. They wear an air of innocence; irrespective of their age. The bottom line is that they are amateur models with their unique way to get it on. Rebecca sits on the floor near the door of her apartment as she flips through what seems to be an interesting magazine. She seems oblivious of my presence and so she lifts up her legs to serve as support and surface upon which she places her reading material. In the meantime, naughtily, I am having a free show. At first, things are a little blurry as the camera seeks to focus inside her skirt, soon, however, I catch a glimpse of her goodies; the knickers underneath.

I figure and admire her lacy panties, her nylon feet and the healthy thighs that promise a decent squeeze if I ever got the privilege to sneak in between her legs. Do you have a fetish for sneaking under the frocks of women who seem tied up in holy matrimony? Well what you get to see on demureladies will capture your imagination to the full. This is the only porn site you have a chance to stare into the deep secrets beneath the dresses of women in high places. I had my share of the show with Jessica. Jessica made my evening. I took my jacket and decided to wander around the hood a little. In fact, I didn’t go far, I simply checked into Jessica’s palatial home uninvited. I can’t quite remember what took me there but I can assure you that I got a decent sensual teat. By the time I went back to my wife, I had no problem getting it on.

Bottom Line

You get to see erotic pictures and videos of women with stature in flowing dresses; some of which could have been fresh shots from their wedding occasions. demureladies redefines flirting with your clothes on.