Czech First Video

Czech First Video


We all love to watch porn. And we all have our personal favorite porn stars. Don’t you ever wonder after watching all of those casting couch websites, what your favorite porn star must have been like wen she started out? Well, at CzechFirstVideo, you get to see the first videos of all of these really hot porn stars. And if you think that it is like the other websites where they ask the same old boring questions for five minutes after which they fuck, then I can happily tell you that you are wrong. They have a real fresh take on this web site, where they being to shoot the video from where they meet the girl and then take it forward to their studio where she gets her makeup done and then takes a shower. After which, she is told what is expected of her and then she gets ready to get down and dirty.

Site Layout

CzechFirstVideo creatively has one of the simplest websites that you will ever come across with the air of sophistication. They have let the blend of colors do all the magic for them while keeping the website really clean and uncluttered. The creators of the website believed that the content itself was kinky enough to do all the work for them, and they were so damn right! The colors that have been used on the website are really amazing and they really blend together perfectly. The main colors that have been used are black and blue. The black is used for the entire background mostly and then the really dark navy blue is used just in the portion where the logo and a collage are placed. The logo has a white and red tone to it, which is very well designed. There are also specs of this beautiful pink which are used on the website to provide that needed pop to the website.

The layout of the website is well done too. It is organized and uncluttered, making you find things really easily. All the videos have been placed on the main black area. Each video has its own space and a lot of pictures showing the progression of the video. This helps you to determine if there is something in the video that interests you or not. There are also links to different parts of the pages that makes switching between the pages very easy. On the whole that have done a fantastic job with the website, and you certainly could not have asked for more.

Chicks and Movies

Now let us get to the most interesting part of the review. The women that CzechFirstVideo has managed to rope in are truly astounding. Even though it is their first time on the porn scene, they really pack a punch with all of their skills that they have to display. All of these videos really have different content as each and every girl has some tricks up her sleeve. These girls are beautiful with fantastic bodies and an insatiable thirst for a good fuck. If you are looking for blondes, brunettes, ginger haired girls, and even fiery redheads you can find them all here. All you have to do is click on a video and you will have them doing things for you that you can’t even imagine.

These girls have the perkiest titties that you have ever seen with nipples like cherries that you would want to keep sucking on, all night long. All you would want to do is boob fuck their titties and sink your face into them until you are smothered. These girls can ride your cock in a way that you have definitely never seen before. They love getting a good hard pounding as they expose their pink, juicy pussies to you. Sure there might be a little confusion and apprehension when they start, but soon enough they lose all of their inhibitions to unleash the goddesses within.

And the best part is that these women are really up for trying anything. They are very adventurous and like getting things as messy as they possibly can. They even suck cocks and give deep throat blowjobs, unlike the ones you have ever seen. When you see them licking, sucking and taking that monster cock in, you are going to have your hands in your pants for sure.

The website has some great videos in terms of direction, production, and even the quality. All of the videos on this website are in high definition and can be either viewed or downloaded. The videos are downloaded in a mp4 format and they can be streamed on the website on the embedded player. There is no limit to the download when you are a member. So, you can even add all of this porn to your own private collection in case you really like. All of these videos are compatible with all devices. So now, you can watch these videos anywhere on your phone, tablet or desktop.

Bottom Line

These Czech girls really do know how to get it on, literally, all of them do. Also, all of the videos have brilliant video and sound quality making the experience one that you will never forget. They even give you access to 30 of their other websites that have themes like MILF, real life couple, amateurs etc. So you can be sure that you never run out of content to watch ever. With all of these amazing deals, the subscription for the website is also reasonably priced. You definitely feel like you are getting your money worth when you subscribe to this website. So is there really anything more that you can want from a website like this. It provides you with exclusive and innovative content. So, what are you waiting for, hit subscribe now to give your cock the pleasure it deserves.

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