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Site Layout

It is easy to get hooked to this site, and you can realize that just as you lay your eyes on the home page. Laced with the color purple, set against a black background, are many previews, mostly still images, though one of them is playable and it is an actual video. It shows some of the action on the site, the rest being reserved for the members, only. Now, once you see the previews, you will be hooked, and it will be hard to leave the site. When you see the good optimization, too, you will love it even more. What is probably the best thing about the optimization is that you can load as many videos at once, if you prefer, and you will not experience lag. With good sorting options and a search bar, getting to the videos is as easy as clicking a few buttons. What is more, you can browse the site from the mobile devices, and enjoy the optimization, again, as any and all devices can access it, and you will not have to worry about anything other than which girl would you like to see first.

Chicks and Movies

And there comes the problem, as they are all incredibly pretty, sexy, and insanely good looking, making a choice to see one of them instead of the other is indeed difficult. Though if you like girls and lesbians, then you will dedicate your time and see all of them. And there comes the real problem, because the site has over 200 videos, and they are updated daily. With an average length of 20 minutes, that means that there are a lot of full-feature videos, available for downloading and streaming. Yes, you can download the videos, so you get to start your own collection, and even better, see them if you have no internet at that moment. I have loved seeing the mature women show the not so mature ones how to handle a pussy properly. The less mature ones, the girls, if you will, have a lust and passion about them, but they sometimes lack in the knowledge, and in the finesse that the older women have. I have found to love that, as you get to see the older ones enjoy the lust of the others, and the girls enjoy the perfect clit licking and toy usage, to the maximum of their possibilities.

Bottom Line

Lesbians galore on CougarsAndTeens, and not just any kind of lesbians, but as the name suggests, mature ones, and the ones who look barely of age. Passion meets knowledge and it is a great mix, one that comes with extra sites, high-quality videos on all of them, and more importantly, all the videos are available for downloading, on each and every one of the sites.