Chi Town Booty Watchers

Chi Town Booty Watchers


Can I get a hello there? We are back here today with an all new porn site review and we are just continuing the black porn site reviews we have been writing these past few days. The reason is because we just want to take the opportunity and feature a lot of black porn. You may have noticed in your porn experiences that there is just a ridiculous amount of Caucasian porn. No, seriously. Light skinned ladies are ruling over the porn world. Whether they are coming from the United States or from Europe, the thing is blonde and brunette chicks are everywhere.

Hence, we have made it a point to specifically search porn sites that feature black beauties in order to show our love to these really hot chicks. Come on, black chicks are some of the hottest ladies in the world, not only in porn but in other entertainment industries as well. We are seeing RnB and Rap queens, dance divas, and powerful belt singers. Ah yes, black ladies rule! And so, the search for these types of porn sites has led us to find ChiTownBootyWatchers. Man, you are definitely going to enjoy this porn site I’m sure. Men just love some sweet piece of booty (who doesn’t?) and you are going to see some of the juiciest racks online right here.

You are also going to enjoy the fact that ChiTownBootyWatchers is affiliated with a bunch other porn sites as well, all following the black beauty theme. Not only that, by joining ChiTownBootyWatchers, you will get unlimited downloading and streaming privileges to all their exclusive content, as well as access and same membership privileges to the other porn sites included in their adult network. Isn’t that fun? All you need to do is to click on the sign-up link. You are going to find this link on the homepage of the porn site. Once you have clicked on it, it would lead you to a new page. In this page, you are going to see a simple form. This form would just require a bit of info from you such as the username that you’d like to use, and email address, and of course, the membership option that you’d like to avail. You can choose among the two available: a one month plan and a three months plan. After you have finished indicating everything, you are all set! You may now access not just the ChiTownBootyWatchers porn site, but also the other porn sites within the network.

Site Layout

And since we are already talking about exploring the porn site, let us now talk about the design and layout of the site itself. The first thing that you are going to see once you are already on the homepage of ChiTownBootyWatchers is their site banner. This contains the pictures of some of the hottest black chicks on porn, along with the visually engaging site logo. The logo was very impressive and I personally think that it supports the theme of the porn site. This banner also includes the site menu which is helpful for you to easily navigate your way around the site and find the content you need.

Scrolling down, you will find a portion of the site dedicated to site features. This is a unique aspect of the design which you can also find in the other porn sites within the network. But in other premium porn sites that are not part of their group, it is pretty rare for a site to indicate the site features early on. This is helpful to encourage new membership, though, so we really dig that in the design. The things that are indicated in the site features are the number of their models (they currently have a hundred and seventeen luscious black chicks), access to other premium porn sites (like what we have already mentioned above, you will also gain complete access to the other porn sites within their network as well), and finally, they have also mentioned that their porn site is completely mobile friendly (this means that you can access their porn sites through your portable devices, and even download their content to watch on the go through your smart phones or tablets).

Chicks and Movies

But what exactly are you going to watch on the go? Let us now go ahead and take a look into the girls and content of the porn site. First of all, we cannot reiterate enough that all of the beautiful ladies that you are going to see here are all black. What we really enjoyed, though, is the fact that they did not focus on a single type of black chick. There are a bunch of different types of black ladies here. There are hot MILFs, sizzling lesbians, really big-assed and big-boobed girls, and more!

We have noticed the “Modeling” link on their site navigation so if you know some awesome ladies who would love to be on the site, then by all means, feel free to refer them to this site. Moving on, it is just important to note that the main focus of the site is mostly on their booty. After all, the porn site is named booty watchers, right? But it does not necessarily mean that you are going to find BBW booty here. No, the porn site did not focus on just those huge asses, you are also going to see cute bubble booties, and plump wiggling ones right here. As for the content, you don’t need to worry about anything anymore because all of their content are high-definition and of good professional quality.

Bottom Line

So what are you waiting for? Join ChiTownBootyWatchers now and enjoy their sizzling hot videos perfect for the black beauty lover in you. You know you want to!