CFNMCollege stands for ‘clothed female nude male’, and it is pretty evident with what this site is based on, dominatrix performed by women on largely a single male. If you like women dominating men sexually then you will like this website, so it caters to more or less the women as users of the site. CFNMCollege focuses on strong and hip men and women having fun sexually and you will enjoy watching it too.

Site Layout

The design of the website features a dark red background fading into black with largely pictures and videos as the foreground. Pictures are big sized so you know their main focus is to sell the video and content, nothing else, no gimmicks. They have full confidence in their material and this is why you see them with this particular format, otherwise, you would see a lot of phrases and terms to catch the users’ eyes. The logo is also very simply done, just white bold text with a subtext that reads. Upon entering the preview page, you see a bunch of girls sharing one of the three men on his cock size, women are very provocatively dressed, wearing thigh-high skirts and tight white shirts and they look amazing.

Upon entering from the preview page, you are redirected to a lengthy website featuring a lot of theme-based videos. Previews are very well presented with beautiful pastel colors and white text, some of them as if a boy has scribbled on a blank page with funky doodles. It has a very sophomore feel to it and you will like the format it is laid out in, it is refreshing, the makers have kept in mind of the theme and have ran with it. At the bottom of the site, you can click on the webmasters referral program where you will be redirected to Cashkaboom, upon joining which you will receive 50-60% of all memberships brought to them by you.

Chicks and Movies

Wherever there are American hot girls, be rest assured that there is going to be a lot of hotness surrounded by it. CFNMCollege delivers in the same respect. There are many hot girls to choose from and equally good videos to go with them. There are videos titled, breaking the rules, girl milking service, CFNM academy of discipline, Field Trip II, Slave Auction, so you can see that the makers have really thought about the theme of the website and have made appropriate interesting videos to go with them as well.

There are 28+ scenes that you can choose from, that is not a lot of content in numbers but if you see the quality they have then you will realize that it is worth it. Sometimes, quality trumps over quantity and this is a classic case. There are also 28+ galleries averaging 30 pictures in each gallery which you may download into zip files to your system. You can watch the videos in flash on a browser with 640×480 resolution and you may download them in the same resolution. The resolution of videos offered on the website is pretty low so you will have the benefit of not having to see laggy videos here on a computer or on mobile.

Bottom Line

This website is basically for those who enjoy men getting treated badly, smacked by a bat, getting their dicks tied with a string, ashamed of their cock size all that in one set of videos with a similar theme. If you do not enjoy men being treated bad, then this is definitely not a website you should be visiting.


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