CandyGirl Video

CandyGirl Video


Candigirlvideo is an adult entertainment porn site that features plenty of gorgeous girls keen on getting your juices running. These girls are endowed with nice features and figures. They know it and are inclined to share it with you on camera. I loved the lingerie peeks and the nude performances. It isn’t a common thing to have so many beautiful, hot sexy women dedicated to entertaining you with such lavish display of titillating antics and real goodies only at a camera distance from your vintage point.

Site Layout

Let me start on a high note by confessing that the site quite succeeds in its attempt to make their operations solely focused on girl shows. I didn’t see anything that suggested otherwise. You are first brought to feel that you are getting into a girl zone; thanks to their choice of décor colors. The site is largely draped in pink and white as their dominant background hue. Secondly, you are treated to a splattering display of girls on a mission to get your guard down. The photos and captions of videos from the actual scenes are splashed all over the first page of this site. There is decent attempt at making the site easily navigable. Users have several options to access content on the site. Apart from the clearly laid out categories on the landing page, there is a model index to choose our favorite models from a list of captions and go straight to what they have to offer. You may also choose to simply click on any of the tagged scenes and go straight to where you wish. You may be a little disappointed that there is no streaming, or live cam service or even bonus links under your subscription. However, these will turn out as paltry setbacks once you realize that you can actually download this content straight to your mobile device. The fact that the videos and pics come in the best possible quality is another reason you will still love the way the designers and producers of the content on this site run it. In addition to the sufficient content availed to viewers in videos and high res pics, the site also has a 3D pics section that features entertaining images. If you can get yourself some 3D glasses, you are up for some creative thrilling moments.

Chicks and Movies

One of the strengths of this site is the sheer number of beauties available for performance. I should mention that these are not ordinary pornstars you might be used to. The models here sport a special beauty quality that easily disarms the most reserved of men and women. I was treated to a range of scenes including some hot and steamy lesbian sessions. The girls kiss tenderly, reach up each other’s tops and caress the boobs in expert fashion. You are soon presented with a spectacular view of carefully crafted female figures in their birthday suits getting down the discovery channel. The kissing, sucking and humping are spontaneous and sexually arousing. I simply love the way the girls spread out for the camera. I loved to watch the clit sessions in which the girls show off their goodies and particularly a privileged shot of the cherry. I began to feel the heat well up in my crotch when I saw the beautiful cherry in giant size brought so close to my eyes. If you have a fetish for girls pissing around showing off their lingerie and other sexy accessories such as their high heels, you are up for great stuff here. You are treated to over 400 videos with 12 minute playback. You could also wish to sample their over 20 galleries with over 70 pics per set.

Bottom Line

Candigirlvideo is a great platform with a lot of content and variety. It is one of the few sites you are treated to high quality videos throughout. I also loved the fact that the site updates every week with at least two sets of videos and two gallery sets.


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