Candid Crush

Candid Crush


Hot gals are in almost every place in giant cities, however in some locale, there is a higher wealth of chicks that in others. Wherever the content at Candid Crush come from, we cannot guess, but subjectively, it truly works for me. That space is packed with beautiful gals who walk in public donning some very sexy garments.

Site Layout

Candid Crush is simple to navigate. You get to the home page on which the most recent updates are displayed together with their update dates and sample images and around this are plenty of ads for the other platforms and their most common films and bitches. Click on any of these and you should directly slip into that website and get a glimpse of the material in here. Click on the link to view a scene and you get to see a similar style viewing page on each platform and scenario. In the beginning, they were doing only DivX format, but nowadays they are doing WMVs as well. Both formats have an exceptional quality. There is a bunch of links set out on the front page. The links take you to the pay sites.

Chicks and Movies

We men we always see beautiful ladies each day, at times a chick will be precisely pretty at the same time reckless to show off her goodies in scanty attires. These women look fine as they hang around in public spaces. The set out only sharp content, which is captured using top of the range equipment. Candid Crush is a really amazing site full of sexy and hot women. The women are seated on the public parks either smoking or going on with their daily activities. I found high in quality vids and pics on the platform. If you have ever noticed a beautiful bae on the street or on the beach and needed to unwind the moment or revive it again and again, you should be in love with this website. There are around 500 image galleries as at now and they are divided by location, that is, beach, party, cars, thong, and up-skirt. Each gallery comprises of about 23 fantastic-looking high resolution images. What is more, the beach and street video zone have 100 clips of superb quality. Also, if you are expecting to see some all-out nudity, then you are in the wrong arena. Nonetheless, the high resolution images are stunning. On the whole, they are images of hot gals going on with their normal duties such as smoking a cigar, shopping, or at a bus station. The party and beach galleries had more skin as the gals are visibly donning a lot less. You should notice that the website appears to center more on image content that films. Subjectively I did enjoy the high in quality material here and the fact that all the gals appear like regular hot chicks you can meet in mainly any huge city. The dissimilar factor here though is that you have the go-ahead to gaze at their smashing bodies all you want as they flash their goodies in public.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, you will get to see very many sexy and hot chicks performing their day to day activities in the public. Nonetheless, the snapper normally zeroes in on their tits, thighs, and some other considerable assets. The women are all pretty gals just like the ones you may notice down the streets every day, particularly if you dwell in a huge city.