Busted On Film

Busted On Film


When watching porn, I really like to see some videos which actually have real life content, and not just those which are filled with professionals, men and women which are paid to act. There is nothing similar to the real action, the one people do for fun, out of love or passion, lust and whatever else motivates them to fuck. Such a site exists, and its name is bustedonfilm, where I found my new collection of porn.

Site Layout

The site itself is a paradise of simplicity. No resources have been wasted on design, yet it looks amazingly attractive. With a large collage of images on its front page, one showing images from the many videos they have, it is easy to be drawn into the colorful world of sex. Take with that the huge list of preview videos you can find below the collage, along with some very visible buttons which end up guiding you through the rest of the site, and you get a very user friendly area, one that points you in the right direction, that of pleasure.

Another thing that the site does not lack is good navigation, something which I praise in every web site, especially those which contain porn, like this one. A simplistic, yet stunning design, which already motivates you to spend a couple of days on the site, along with the speedy navigation, really make up for a nice welcome. I would like to add that the site works well on many of my mobile devices, meaning that it is optimized.

Chicks and Movies

Ah, then I would love to move over to the content itself, the videos, all lasting depending on the source, meaning whether it was captured by a security camera, or by someone filming a couple fucking in the park, you have five minute videos, to videos which last a couple of hours. That alone could keep you on the site for days, not even mentioning the daily updates which keep the content fresh and utterly seductive. Personally, I loved the diversity, meaning that you had every sort of people you could imagine, those fucking in the forest, those that prefer something more civic like the park, or behind the bar, with toilets being almost a standard public place, up to rooftops and even offices and a place near an open, yet empty coffin.

The scenes vary from male to female fucking, up to lesbians, threesomes and general masturbation in the comfy chairs across who knows how many offices. The addition of the image gallery also got me going, as the screams and moans of the endless action does tend to be annoying, so switching to silent images of sex does indeed help. The membership plan did surprise me, bringing to the already good offer five or more sites for the price of one, and unlimited downloads and streaming, a very orgasmic offer.

Bottom Line

Whether you like lesbians, straight sex or threesomes, even masturbation, bustedonfilm is the site for you, bringing all the amateurs you would want to see, getting their action filmed by a camera hidden enough to not be seen, but of such a quality to capture videos which reveal the true nature of a lot of kinky people out there. With a great membership plan and some extras that come with joining the site, bustedonfilm became my new playground, one that never fails to deliver.