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Is there another mother out there as hot as Brooke Banner? She really is a porn polymath: a model, a student, an animal in the sack, Brooke’s many talents are shown exclusively on brookebanner. The site is an exhibition of an experienced woman who is able to fuck like the best of them, with anal, lesbian and three-way scenes to name but a few.

Site Layout

A pretty common layout amongst the PUBA Network sites, Brooke uses a content rich, column heavy design with dark shades of purple to highlight the main areas available. The layout is simple but effective with all of the content being easy to decipher and get a handle on what a scene contains. The short introduction video is a good basis to get people interested in the site, as well as a mini bio section to list important information like Brooke’s hometown and love of Pit Bulls, as well as her ever important breast measurements. The navigation through the different pages for scenes, special bonuses and members are all easy to get to through links at the top of the page. There is information on each video and photo shoot regarding the length or number of photos in the set and they also tell you the actors and actresses you can expect to see featured in the scene. Mobile device results may vary but on my Nexus 5 using Google Chrome I got a good result from the page. The layout seems to have been optimized to allow mobile devices to handle it and my only real qualm about what’s on offer is the video playback isn’t too great on mobile devices, it was difficult to get it to appear correctly in full screen, though in reality I would much rather watch these videos in their full beauty on a large screen monitor.

Chicks and Movies

Brooke is a prodigious talent. She really shows all she has in a lot of modeling shoots on the site but her slender, tattooed figure can really take a lot of pounding, as you can see in the hardcore scenes. Brooke is really well toned considering she is a mother and has clearly worked hard on her figure after giving birth. She has a number of tattoos all over her body, including a floral one on her arm and some on more discrete parts of her body, showing she has many sides to her self. Brooke is very much a professional and seems to work with a wide range of professional talent. Her scenes are also very professionally produced, not only from the acting side but also the lighting, video quality, set design, direction and script. The close-ups are Very close and the wide angles allow you to bask in the full glory of the scene. Videos range from 5 to 30 minutes but average out around the 20 minute mark. There is easily 40+ videos on the site, but there is no definitive figure on the number they host. There is also photo shoots for each of the scenes plus, because Brooke is also a model, there are a lot of extra photo shoots that really let you appreciate her ability to work the camera.

Bottom Line

Brooke is a serious MILF. An amateur but with real experience that shines through her scenes. Her brooding image gives her an air of control and this is exhibited best in her photo shoots. It is a great value site and one I will continue to visit into the future.


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