Border Patrol Sex

Border Patrol Sex


Protecting the Border is dangerous hard work. Criminals from all around the world try to get into the country anyway possible. It is a hard job but someone has to do it. Enter agents Smith and Martinez. Their mission, protect the border by fucking the most beautiful girls right there on the desert. It is all part of the job.

Site Layout

From the get go Border Sex Patrol hits you with the main page full of stills. What you see is what you get. Everything is laid out in a column of still depicting some of the content you will find on the site. It accomplishes the objective of getting your attention and also giving you enough of a hint of what is coming, a clean cut display of content like this, it is always appreciated. Border Sex Patrol is also mobile friendly; actually, the mobile version of the site displays, even more, info than its PC counterpart, which is kind of weird. Nevertheless, the mobile version of the site works really well also and its dark background makes the images pop up a little bit more. Outside the still images, there is nothing more on the site. A couple trailers would be a good idea in the future.

Chicks and Movies

The girls trying to fool agents Smith and Martinez into letting them cross the border are some of the prettiest in the business. Delicious hot Latinas and exotic European sluts are just some of the girls trying to cross the precious border. All the girls have beautiful tight bodies, you cannot blame agents Smith and Martinez for fucking them on the job, and the temptation these girls represent is just too much. All the videos are in HD and all of them display very nice resolution, the offer for an image gallery does not appear anywhere, which is a shame. Nonetheless there at least form options for downloads and streaming which is very nice. Streaming works really well and there is not tearing of any kind on the image quality.

The whole narrative of criminals crossing the borders adds an extra flavor to the scenes, which makes them more than just a normal porn scene from start to finish. Both agents and the girls follow their roles extremely well and let themselves get loose in the passion of the moment. These girls will do anything to cross, if agents Smith and Martinez allow them to cross after that, well, that is another matter. Concerning production values, all of the scenes are shot outdoors in the wilderness, which adds another layer of realism to the scenes. On the bad side, some of the lightning and camera placement might not be as good as it could but it is understandable and effort is appreciated. When you have girls these beautiful on the scenes some compromises can be made. Other than that, there is little to complain about content wise as most of the videos have an average running time of 30 minutes.

Bottom Line

Border Sex Patrol might be the dream job for a lot out there and this is your chance to experience it. With lots of quality content and some of the most delicious hot beauties from around the world trying to cross the border, we can say Border Sex Patrol is well worth your money.

This website does not exist anymore, we suggest you to visit 8th Street Latinas


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