A huge problem with porn these days that a lot of people have started noticing is the fact that porn has mostly white faces. If you are interested in looking at other races you are going to have a more difficult time of it. Asian girls are plentiful as well, and so are Latinas thanks to their booties, but black girls are, for some reason, not as prevalent as any other kind of girl. This is a real problem, because if you are interested in watching beautiful black girls having sex you are not going to be able to find very many videos.

This is why BlackTeenSwagger is such a great solution for all of your black porn needs. It has a great library of porn videos that you can use, and is very affordable to boot. However, just the opinion of the web is not going to be enough to entice you into spending your hard earned money on a porn site, is it? You need hard facts, and the important things that go into the quality of a porn website are the website layout and the quality of the content that it provides. Both things are going to be discussed in detail below, and will be analyzed in order to ascertain whether or not this site is worth the money that you are going to spend on subscribing to it.

Site Layout

Right off the bat what you notice about BlackTeenSwagger is that there is very little text. This is a good thing, because many porn sites out there have way too much text in them and this really distracts from the overall porn viewing experience that you are going for. The text on this site is mostly focused on the banner at the top of the page, with the rest of the page being devoted to showcasing some of the best videos that the site has to offer.

The color scheme of the site is very neutral, with a light yellow background providing a very soft setting for the porn videos that you are going to watch. Additionally, there is the hot pink of the text on the blue banner at the top of the screen. There are a lot of different colors going on here, and it is quite impressive that the website designers were able to create a web page that was aesthetically pleasing as well as functional while sticking to this rather unorthodox color scheme.

The layout of the website is also very neat and tidy, with not a lot of activity going on there. When you enter this website you are not left feeling overwhelmed by the number of videos that you are being shown, but instead will be able to look through the few videos that are being showcased in a relaxed manner. This differs from the experience offered by most porn sites which is a lot more invasive.
The price of the subscription is pretty low, and would definitely not burn a hole in your wallet. Access to various other partner sites, numbering about 5 – 7 of them, is the bonus that you get on subscription.

Chicks and Movies

The content available on this website obviously caters to a black fetish, so if you are looking for some black skin in your porn you are definitely in luck. And this doesn’t just mean that you are going to see black guys with enormous dicks pounding into white girls, the girls on this website are black too and that is possibly the very best thing about it. The porn itself is very well shot, with a lot of emphasis being placed on the quality of the footage. The cameras that have been used are very high standard devices, and it is clear that the filming crew put a lot of effort into making sure that the lighting was just right for every video.

You never feel like the porn star is being saturated in light, and you never feel like the footage is too dark. Everything is just right and this makes for a superior porn viewing experience.
Another great aspect of the porn on this site is the fact that it’s very realistic. You don’t get overblown fantasies of twisted minds here. This is not to say that the sex never gets kinky, there is a lot of fetish porn on this site as well. It’s just that it is not really focused on the objectification of women, rather it elevates the women in the videos and makes them out to be willing and equal partners in the sexual deeds that are occurring in the video.

The recommendation system monitors your porn use and stores it in a discreet database that no one can access and uses this information to suggest porn that you would like.
Finding the porn that you like is one of the most difficult things to do in your jerk off time, but with the recommendation engine you will never have to worry about this again.

Bottom Line

Based on the above review, you will clearly be able to see that this site has a lot to offer. Combine this with the fact that it provides you with something that you don’t see very often in porn, black women, and you have yourself a great porn site on your hands. Additionally, the ridiculously low prices that you can get a subscription in will also give you a real incentive to spend money on this site.

You can even get an almost free trial period that lasts two days if you are as yet undecided about whether you want to pay or not. All in all, BlackTeenSwagger is one of the best porn sites out there, and certainly would give you plenty of bang for your buck. If you are looking for a site that offers high quality porn and does it at an affordable price, you will really enjoy BlackTeenSwagger. Black and porn are a great combination and quickly subscribe to this site for an experience of a lifetime.