Bestory Club

Bestory Club


There is no shortage of entertainment when it comes to porn fun. I believe any fetish will always find a home somewhere to satisfy their desires and cool down their craving. Bestory Club is a comic soft-porn site with a focus on narrative descriptions and some creative photos of the characters in the act. Although the stuff here is made up, like any great romantic novel, there is a serious connection with reality. Therefore, do not underestimate the potential of the site to arouse you.

Site Layout

The site has an impressive design that comes with clearly labeled categories. There is also a search tool and a drop-down menu that completes the usability aspect with a clean bill. The site presents soft entertainment with comic creatures and fully thought-out descriptive captions. It loads fast and can be accessed via mobile phone too. Most of the photos feature models and dudes in group sex orgies. Some of the comic creatures in the photos resemble aliens. There is no streaming because there are no videos. If I forgot to mention earlier, I guess I should do so now. The site is predominantly focused on photo captions and the power of the narrative. You don’t get live cams or bonus sites here. It is focused and unique. There are plenty of comic characters to provide so much entertainment. The photos in the downloadable file are available in large definitions of 1280x960P. The navigation on the site is easy enough; thanks to the organizational skills. The photos are available for download in PDF format.

Chicks And Movies

The site presents a lot of narrative and photo depictions of sexual escapades of cartoon characters. I noted the close similarities between the characters and real people in real life. I think that if the site had included animated forms of the comic characters, it would have added a lot of fuel in the already burning fire. The site presents exclusive content in both written text and photos. If you are tired with the raunchy stunts of models in reality porn shows, you might find lots of pleasure in what bestoryclub provides. I had my very high moments with the comic characters, especially, after reading through the narratives that capture unrivalled descriptions of sexual encounters. I loved the power of the narrative, but I think the really steamy moments came when I took time to savor the clear photos. The group sex scenes were my favorite. There are these macho dudes with extra ordinary cranks drilling at the pussies of the comic models. The artist’s impressions of girls enjoying sexing are equally great. The bubble conversation helps the viewer to flow with the scenes. I was completely drawn into the action in one of the scenes on this site. The comic models and dudes look much like my regular next door friends. The scenes are separated into categories and series. Each category has an underlying theme that comes with a set of appropriate images that complete the picture. Users can access up to 210 galleries on this comic strip soft porn site. Each of the galleries contains 10 pictures in high resolution.

Bottom Line

This is one of the rare soft-porn entertainment sites with a special use of comic characters. I loved the idea of creativity cast in the world of pornography. This is an upcoming and potent niche that is likely to gain more membership over the course of the coming years. The content on the platform is exclusive and the narratives unique to the site and characters.