The Best Of Shyla Stylez

The Best Of Shyla Stylez


What defines a blonde bombshell? Is it really just the hair? Because we can tell you right now, there are a lot of blonde girls in the world but not every one of them may qualify as a bombshell. For a girl to earn this title, she must qualify on different levels of assets. And this is a part of what we are going to talk about today in this porn site review.
A blonde bombshell is not just a sexy blonde. It is the complete package. Let’s start with the face. Her blonde golden hair must frame her really beautiful face. Her eyes must be stunning and sharp. This lady must be able to turn you on with just a stare. She can pull you closer to her as if you were charmed. As for her lips, they must be plump and kissable. She doesn’t even need to pout anymore. Moving down, let us go to her breasts. It must be a perfect size, the double Ds. Anything lower than this would not certify as a true bombshell, don’t you agree? This is followed, of course, by a really slim waist. Yes, we are looking for that perfect hourglass figure here. Topped with a nice big ass and really sexy hips. Do you believe that such a goddess-like woman could exist? Have you ever seen one? If you do, then the odds are that you have seen her on porn. The porn industry really offers a lot of sexy blonde chicks to go around. But none, we believe, can even come close to this blonde queen. We are referring to none other than the great Shyla Stylez. We are not going to be surprised if you have heard her name already. She is already a veteran in the industry, and probably one of the most famous in the world. You can even say that she has set the standards for all the other blonde chicks in the industry. This is the reason why we were so excited to find a porn site dedicated to her. This porn site is called TheBestOfShylaStylez, appropriately named after the sex goddess herself. Finally, we have a porn site where you would be able to see her videos all in one place. There is no need for you to search through numerous porn sites, and sign up for membership on other ones, just to get a chance to watch her videos, because here on TheBestOfShylaStylez, you would be able to take a look at her and watch her porn videos (together with hot and sex photo albums), every single day. To those who are already contemplating on signing up, here are the following options: a five-day membership, a one-month membership, and finally, a three-month membership. We would also like to inform you that this porn site is part of the big Puba porn network, and by signing up for this one, will grant you access to all of the other sites within the network.

Site Layout

Technically speaking, the layout of the homepage is divided into three parts: the one that introduces you to the site, the part where it shows you some information about the porn star being featured, and finally the thumbnails that would refer to the different videos and photo albums that the site presents. Hence, let us go through all of them. The introduction part is where you are going to find a sort of introductory video about Shyla Stylez. It is like a welcome banner, but there is a play option that you can click on in order to get that started. It also informs the viewers that all of the content that you are going to see here are exclusive and in full high-definition. Next, on the right panel, you will see some information about Shyla, like her date of birth (September 23, 1982), where she was born (Canada), where she was featured already (Maxim), the color of her eyes (green), and finally, her stats (36DD-23-34). And of course, you are also going to see the thumbnails on the page after the trailer and the short information. These thumbnails either refer to a photo album or a video. You would know that it is an album when it indicates the number of photos included on it. Likewise, you are going to know that it is a video when you see the video’s length on the thumbnail.

Chicks and Movies

And since we are already on the subject of videos, let us now move on to the next part, since you are not going to see anything else on the porn site anyway. Of course, the prime beauty of this porn site will be none other than Shyla Stylez herself. However, you will also get to see other stars who are equally famous as her star in her videos. Some of these stars are Bridgette B, Natasha Nice, Gina Lynn, and the very manly Sergio. From these porn stars named you can expect different kinds of scenes like a girl on girl blow jobs, hot threesome action, and much more. And also, these famous porn stars are also part of the prestigious porn network, Puba Network home of the most famous adult film actors and actresses and outstanding well thought of porn niches that put to shame other porn networks and adult film productions.

Bottom Line

To end this review, based on our overall experience with this porn site we can confidently say that we are pleased about it especially our teammates who are very fond of Shyla Stylez and her porn star friends (mostly her fellow bombshells of course). If you are fond of them as well then you will never regret signing up for this porn site ever.