Ass America

Ass America


I have been looking at porn for quite some time, and there are a lot of sites that have been seen by my prying eyes, and frankly, nowadays, most of them have failed to deliver, really. Yet, I didn’t lose hope, and with good reason, as I quickly found a site that has delivered a lot to me, and its name is Ass America, where hardcore anal sex happens, with girls that look like they are barely of age, or in their early twenties, at least.

Site Layout

With content that is so great, and so arousing, you might expect to see a good design, and you would be right. Not only is it nice on the eyes, it is very well optimized, and all of the content is available to the viewers right on the home page. Well, all of the previews, at least, as the real videos are in a section to which only the members have access. That section is sorted, to the point where you can find a video in just a moment’s notice, all thanks to a search bar, and some sorting options. The user comes first on this site, so guidelines on how to join will help you along the way, along with a cheap price, to cement the deal. I have enjoyed surfing the pages of the site, mostly due to no lag, as loading videos is remarkably fast, and I experienced not a single bump. Apart from that, there is the possibility to browse from the mobile phone, and other devices, so that you can take your porn with you, wherever you go.

Chicks and Movies

And judging how nice the site is designed, you are already aroused as you get to the first, real videos. That means that once you start looking at them, an orgasm will surely follow, probably before the end of the video. That is saying a lot, because the content is very tantalizing, and the videos themselves last at least 20 minutes. With such a length, and the fact that they are updated daily, you are indeed lucky, as you get to see a lot of porn. Porn which is great, by the way. There is a variety of girls to choose from, most barely of age, some in their early to mid-twenties, all hungry for a cock in their ass. The difference is that some like anal creampies, while others prefer giving the guys a sweet blowjob to finish the job off. The facials are a crucial part of these videos, and some of them are really yummy to watch. I saw one girls that milked every last drop of sperm from a dude, and he was really happy in the end, and so was she, given that she swallowed it all. Since this is hardcore anal action that we are talking about, you can only assume that there will be screaming and moaning included, and rightly so, as it gets more intense by the minute.

Bottom Line

If there is something worth seeing, that would be this site, and never should a person miss out on such great content. Not only is it satisfying, but you also get a lot in return, and for free, though there is an initial price to pay, albeit a cheap one. Ass America will be there, always, so be sure to check it out.