The girls of the Far-East always made us fantasize about having sex with them. If you enjoy watching hardcore sex, and you like girls with almond-shaped eyes the AsianSexGFs will surely entertain you for a time. To make it more interesting, the site offers you real amateur porn, thus ensuring that you can enjoy not just good sex, but you can also get the thrill the home-made porn causes. The main magic element of amateur porn is that it provides the viewers a feeling like they were voyeurs and have caught a hot couple in action. It’s a collection that grows on a regular base since 2011. After the launch some may though that’s it, the site is done, because it doesn’t have frequent uploads, instead it features batch-uploads.

The new videos come on a semi-regular base, but when there is an addition occasion, they add sever videos and a few picture sets too. This way, the site grows, and the content is always enough to keep the member interested until the next occasion. You don’t have to worry about being entertained even if you manage to watch all videos of the AsianSexGFs, because the site offers you a full network access too. Since it’s a part of the AllOfGFs network, you gain access to all sites of that. These included sites cover various niches, and in most cases they have their own focus-point. Some are dedicated to other ethnic girls like Blacks, Latinas or Indians, while other are niche-driven. It’s all about amateur porn, so you have to get yourself ready for a bit lower quality and infrequent updates.

Site Layout

The tour page is just as you might expect from a site which features amateur porn: it has a long list of the scenes, sometimes with some promotional descriptions under the thumbnails. You will see that there isn’t much to do in tour mode, so if you are interested, you might as well just give it a try. There are over 800 porn videos on this site alone, thus might just find some hot porn to watch. After you log in, you will see that the navigation is terribly simplified. There is a main menu, where you can see the links to the videos and the photos sections, along with the options to go to the cam shows and the included sites. You won’t find here search engine, nor any kind of sorting, so you have to go through the content page by page.

The quality of the videos is very inconsistent. One would think that the scene here are better, given the fact that the new gadgets are all equipped with HD cams, but that’s simply not the case here. Nevertheless, all scenes are quite enjoyable, though the quality hardly reaches 480p. You have the option to watch the videos in the browser, and to save them. Both are good choices, because they offer the same quality. There are photo sets too, and though they are not high-res pictures, these show much better quality then the videos, and it’s quite certain that you will like browsing through them.

Chicks and Movies

The site’s name tells really well what kind of girls you are going to get here: Asians of course. Now someone who is a bit of fool may say that all Asians are all the same, but that’s very far from the truth, and it’s one of the biggest signs of idiocy. Asia is a large and rich continent, and it has so many different nationalities and ethnicities, that you wouldn’t be able to count them on your hands. First, there are those ever-famous Japanese girls with their almond-shaped eyes and white skin. Though many says that they are flat as plank, that’s just another statement far from being true, because these tight Japanese models have nice, round ass and cute, perky tits.

Since we’re talking about the Asians with whiter skin, we should also mention the Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese cuties. For more exotic girls, you have to go south, that’s where you can find the amazingly sexy Filipinas, Thai girls and a lot more. The AsianSexGFs doesn’t feature Indians, though the country is usually considered as an Asian one. However, as a member you here, you get access to a site dedicated to only Indians, so if you are looking that type of hotties, you can find them too. Naturally, Blacks and Latinas are also featured on their respective sites. When it comes to Asians and sex, we usually have those hentai and some flashing BDSM and bukkake pictures in our head. However, Asian porn isn’t just about the Japanese niches, there is a lot more to it.

As for the actual sex, you can see that it’s very varied. One would expect from an amateur site mostly cowgirl, doggy and missionary positions, but you will see that there are far more positions featured, these girls are really flexible. In case you start exploring the site, you will come to the conclusion that it’s a really hot collection. There are not just the regular porn niches, but heavier elements are featured too, thus you can enjoy here hot threesomes, lots of anal sex with deepthroat. Also some nasty rougher intercourses are featured here.

Bottom Line

The videos of the AsianSexGFs may not be the best in quality, but the hardcore and varied sex in them will make you forget about it. These perverted hardly adult couples are doing things that you wouldn’t imagine they can, and if you enjoy watching this kind of porn, it will be a good experience. Since you get a full network access, the site is a warmly recommended one for all porn fans, especially to those of you who prefer amateur porn over professional mainstream.

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