Andi Love

Andi Love


Just like Hollywood stars, porn actresses are also a celebrity of their own. Without them, the porn industry will not be as successful as it is. Whether we admit it or not, it is quite obvious that these bombshells have become the reason why porn industry has somewhat conquered majority of the male population and even the females. It is not always the scene or what the actresses are doing in the video but it is the hot ladies that execute the nasty scenes that people usually look after. Just like Hollywood stars, porn actresses also deserve a space in the World Wide Web to flaunt their awesomeness in their craft. Speaking of the World Wide Web, Andi Love is a personal site which is named after a sexy brunette porn star. Among some other personal sites, Andi Love is not quite popular in its niche because Andi Love is still an amateur porn star.

However, this website has already shown the future that’s waiting ahead of this lovely slut because it shows an impressive array of stuffs Andi Love has to offer. Indeed, this girl has a lot to give to keep her fans and to attract new admirers. The site describes her as a bad girl who cannot be tamed in bed. The site promises to effortlessly give its audience a combination of a sexy chick and high-quality contents. All these two elements are stitched together to turn on every viewer. With these, what else are you looking for? Aside from that, the site also updates its contents regularly thus giving its audience a wonderful treat every single day. Of course, all these goodies do not come for free but neither does go beyond your budget too. Its membership fee does not only please your wallet but also satisfies your lust. Moreover, your membership also grants you access to 29 other niche porn websites which belongs to the Solo Girls network.

Site Layout

The site, Andi Love, is known for its simple navigation. This is in fact a strength that must be maintained by the site moderators because in every website the site navigation is indeed very important to improve the user experience. The site is also easy to use and because of this the visitors can easily find what they are looking for. The overall website design is very simple because it does not have too much glitter and bling as decorations. This helps bring focus to the model’s hot curves and sensual expressions in the content section of the page. The site features some other cool bonuses too like live cams and bonus feeds. Not to mention, it also features over 300 DVDs which are only available through streaming. The good thing about it is that you can expect a good quality of videos even though through streaming only.

Real Amateur Porn and A Good Amateur Blowjob are two of the series that you should be keeping an eye on. The 29 bonus sites that are part of the Solo Girls network are also an eye candy. Each site features a different model. Sites that you should visit are Sweet Maddie, Nikki Vixen and Kitty Kim. The photos and videos of the site are also extraordinary. The videos range from five to twenty minutes long. It can be downloaded and streamed in low and high quality. The low-quality videos have a resolution of 320×240. The high-quality videos, on the other hand, can be on either of the following format options: WMV with a resolution of 640×480 at 1420kbps; H264 with a resolution of 640×480 at 1710kbps; and MP4 with a resolution of 480×270 at 850kbps.

Chicks and Movies

Andi Love is an aspiring sex queen. Although she’s still a starter in the business, Andi Love already has her own identity in the porn industry. She knows how to seduce her audiences very well. Her “bad girl image” strategy is captivating and can make any men and women wet their underwear. Andi Love can usually be seen wearing different costumes. Some are kinky; some are cute while some are very slutty. Of course, you can also see Andi wearing a cute nurse outfit which is very popular in every porn scene. Most of the time, Andi can be seen wearing edgy alternative styles which also made her known as an “Emo Hottie”.

Aside from the dressing up part, Andi Love is most lovable when appearing nude. She does not only enjoy dressing up but she also enjoys showing off her oozing wet private part. In the videos, you can see this sex goddess fuck a big dildo or pretends to suck cocks using her sex toys. She’s also doing a good job strip teasing and removing those cute panties before exposing and playing with her pussy. She can also prove her bad ass side by riding and enjoying a fucking machine until she reaches her orgasm. There are also some other scenes that are non-nude. These are scenes where you can see her getting ready or applying makeup.

Bottom Line

I think the best part of Andi Love, aside from her body is her mole on her upper lip. I would say that this is one of her asset that drives her fans crazy. Her outfits also add to the excitement and horniness. It is impressive how she can mask herself and play different characters and can still be sexy and sensual. With this kind of model, the quality of the contents and the site itself, I would say that Andi Love is worth the price. Although the site is limited in videos but the entire Solo Girls network has more than 160,000 videos in store for you!


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