Analyzed Girls

Analyzed Girls


There is nothing like good old anal action to get your day going, or to end it, or a mid-day break, or after a meal, or anytime you prefer to see good anal action. Having such desires, I was walking and found myself at analyzedgirls, a site dedicated to the vast anal stories and adventures girls had, all of them super-hot and fresh, ready to take on a huge cock, hard and tight, as they love it.

Site Layout

Greeted by various background images from the movies, one of them a naked blond in front of a blackboard, I already imagined her tight, schoolgirl ass being pounded by the teacher, as she failed to do the math equation, instead drawing pictures of penises. Well, I imagine she ended up getting one, and liking it, too. Such a greeting is one a person should always get when arriving to an adult site, and I was pleased by the way they designed the home page, with a lot of explicit images of chicks getting pounded, all related to the videos posted above it, as well as captions which describe the video. Add to that the sorting options, and you already have a nice video section that is easy to browse and very user friendly. Among the other nice things I discovered is the speed of the navigation, the lack of lag, and the very optimization of the site, for mobile devices, as well as for the desktop ones, making my experience thus much pleasurable.

Chicks and Movies

The girls were by far my favorite part of this site. As you start searching, you end up not knowing which one to choose, as they are as pretty as they can get, with such sexy bodies and a very naughty but innocent looking attitude, that they seems to really not know what they are doing, up until you see them handling a cock with their mouth, before proceeding to ride it with their asses. As expected, the site is dedicated to anal action, and that is what they do best, get great shots of girls being analyzed. Whether your choice would be the sweet brunette pretending to be sorry for masturbating at her employer’s house or a blond schoolgirl getting her grades all messed up and then wearing no panties, or a gymnast, ending up being flexible in the tightest parts of her body, the choice is hard, as the dicks of the dudes fucking them. Watch them scream their asses off, as they get penetrated and destroyed, all the while having an orgasm. Sure, they would be grateful enough to give the job a facial finish if they hadn’t already creampied them from all the tight, sizzling pleasure. What I also liked is the fact that the videos are in full HD, making those close up shots of the asses seems just radiant, almost alive, not just steaming hot. The membership also surprised me, as I found that they had live camera shows and chatting, which you can only imagine what includes, apart from the general seduction. The other part that surprised me is the fact that you get fifty two more sites for the price of one, all updated regularly.

Bottom Line

Well, you do the math, fifty-two sites, for the price of one, and that they are all updated regularly and are of the same quality as analyzedgirls, should be enough to convince you to not just go to the site and have a taste, but register immediately.