Alison Tyler

Alison Tyler


I hereby welcome you to this fantastic website, owned and hosted by non-other than this talented author, Alison Tyler. Alison hails from Northern California, United States. Not only is Tyler an impeccable writer, but she is also an avid editor, and has published the well-liked erotica series. In addition, she has authored more than 20 novel of explicit nature. And oh! There are all set out on her platform. What is more, visit her website to peruse through plenty of short tales, and she has edited 70 plus erotic collections.

Site Layout

I just love the simplicity entailed in the site. The design is one of the simplest I have come across. It incorporates a dark background, with colorful tabs, which links users to an array of web pages. The tabs are categorized carefully on the left hand side, atop the front page. These links leads to various pages such as home page, books page, bio page, blog page, and buzz page as well. How you forget of the decent layout? Yes, it is tidy and quite easy to maneuver around. This should tell you that navigation here is a walk in the pack. Also, there are textual details on the main page. Most of the texts include titles of her several books like, the Mistress of Literary Erotica, a trollop with a laptop, and a literary siren. There are social media links included at the bottom of the portal. They include a twitter tab and a Wikipedia link, which leads you to an in depth biography vis-à-vis her as well as her platform. I did find pretty big tabs that direct member to amazon sale platform.

Chicks and Movies

It is the year 1972, when Alison came to this world. She began writing as a profession in the early 1990s. Her sensual tales used to sell well at Playgirl as well as Penthouse Variations. Talented Tyler managed to publish her very first novel at just the age of 23. Sounds pretty impressive. Alison never ceased at this spot, rather she continued and authored twelve novels for Masquerade Books prior to proceeding to Virgin Books’ Black Lace and Cheek imprints in 1999. Tyler has also rewritten lots of erotic collections for Pretty Things Press and Cleis Press. She is currently running Pretty Things Press a quickly growing publishing establishment. I did peruse through some of the anthologies and her style of writing is an intimate one, with semi-autobiographical style, centering on women submission themes, slavery, spanking, orgies, and bi-sexuality. It is on August 2006, when she started blogging deeply regarding her previous BDSM courtship, which is termed to as by The Guardian as a sulphurous personal memoir of past sensual acts which place Belle de Jour’s timid desires in the shadow. While East Bay Express describes her as a trollop with a laptop, Alison blogs continually and often, utilizing the site to interact with visitors, and mentor upcoming author through showcasing their works of art in competitive Smut Marathons. The initial in a series of novels grounded on Tyler’s personal blog pieces as well as diaries, was published in 2013. Moreover, Alison’s work has since been translated into numerous lingos and her short story fiction is comprised in her anthologies Bad Girl, Exposed, and Blue Sky Sideways, too. If you have a knack for stimulating novel, then, why not head over Alison Tyler. I am sure you will get a good collection.

Bottom Line

Alison Tyler is charmed with the delights of surrendering, being submissive, and trusting one’s agony and delight into the arms of another. Actually, I am just in love with all her anthologies. They entailed a great mix of slavery stories, taking in quite a few where females dominated. I relished every moment reading through her stories, too.


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