About Girls Love

About Girls Love


There is always something about the forbidden fruit that always tempts us and always makes us attracted to it more. It is always all the things that we cannot have that we want more, that is the rule of the world and we always tend to want it more than anything else in the world. That hot neighbor who leaves for higher studies soon, suddenly blossomed into this sexy woman, making your cock rock hard. All the times she has night-overs and you secretly peek into her house to see what she and her friends are up to. You are always secretly hoping that you see them playing around, having an innocent pillow fight which then turns into a crazy orgy. Sometimes you’d even peek into her house to see if she was ever helping herself out and hope to see in her bathrobe all dripping wet.

Sure, you have masturbated to her a lot of times, haven’t you? Don’t you just love these fresh chicks, with their soft pussies and perky firm boobs? And they are at an age in in their life where they are experimenting with a lot of things, and they might be shy about some things, but they are always up for some real adventure. They are also more than happy to make sure that you get pleased to your hearts content. Wouldn’t it be more fun to see best friends really getting it on? Kissing, licking, sucking and maybe even using a strap on to make the other person cum. Wouldn’t you just love to experience porn which has all of this? Well, you are in luck because there is a site, which fulfills all your niche fantasies.

The site is known as AboutGirlsLove. As the name of the websites goes, it’s all about girls making love to each other either with their fingers or various other contraptions. These videos have hot amateur girls in them, with exclusive content that you can never get your hands on anywhere. You can’t even imagine the things that these girls will do; with their absolute angelic faces they can really create quite the stir in your pants. This website is part of the TeenMegaWorld mega website, so it really isn’t surprising to see that the quality of the content is so good as this website specializes and is known throughout the porn world for it exclusive, never seen before amateur porn content.

Site Layout

The website is just very pretty to look at. They have really put some serious thought into making the website, as the website really makes you feel like you have entered the academic world. It looks like a pretty scrap book that a girl would have in which she sticks all her pictures and writes all her secrets in and wouldn’t you absolutely love to know all her secrets? The entire webpage has a fun, colorful and fresh personality to it. And it really fits with the whole concept. They haven’t tried to make the webpage look like other websites, which look all cold and just stark. In fact, this website really has personality to it with all the design and colors on it. The colors that are used in the website are green, pink, yellow and blue. The yellow and blue are used very minimally, only adding a pop to the already pink color.

So, the pink color that is used is the part on which the entire content rests on and this is the part where the pink colored borders make it the scrapbook. There is a vibrant green used as the main background. Even though the webpage is so colorful and so vibrant, the webpage designers have made sure that your attention is never taken away from the content of the website. These colors blend beautifully, making the website look even more pretty and it builds up the mood to give your cock the best jerking off, of its life. The website is super organized, as all its videos are organized by the name of the girl in the pornos. All the videos are laid one after another making sure that there is no discrepancy. It is simple to steer though the entire website making the experience enjoyable.

Chicks and Movies

We all read reviews to know what kind of girls are available on the website that we are thinking of subscribing to! So, let us get to the part that intrigues us the most. All the girls on this website seem to mostly be East European girls who are very adventurous. And you have a vast choice, as this website has so many girls that you will surely be dumbfounded. If you want blondes, they have blondes; if you want red haired girls, they have them too. Not only are these girls amateur, they have some of the best and the most untouched bodies out there.

And that’s obvious, as they have the tightest pussies that you have possibly ever seen, it takes a while before that dildo can slide in easily. And they even have firm and perky tits, with absolute candy like nipples that will make you want to suck on them as long as you possibly can. Not only do these girls have fantastic bodies but they’re also beautiful to look at. Let’s talk about a few scenes from the videos. These videos are filled with scenes where the women are really shy around each other slowly opening-up to each other. These girls playfully tease each other around, just kissing and touching, soaping each other up, playing dress up until desire kicks in and they start making out with each other and then things get crazy.

Bottom Line

This website really manages to provide content that is unlike anything out there. They manage to really rock your cock’s world. The picture quality and sound quality is so good that it will be like a real experience. With 33 bonus sites with just one subscription, is there really a reason not to subscribe?

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