40 Inch Plus

40 Inch Plus


Over the past couple of years, I have come into contact with some great porn, but none of it left me breathless as did the things I found on 40 Inch Plus. Over 40 inches, in this case, stands for the size of the girls’ butts, and let me tell you, they pack a mean punch and can very well take a huge cock. Apart from the usual sex, you will find some surprises within the pages of this site.

Site Layout

To start off, you are cast into the domain of large asses, by looking at a picture of a girl, her but turned towards you, and a measuring tape around it, with the number 43 sizing her up. Another three could be located to the right, two on all fours, their butts turned towards you, as well, and another sitting on them, having the biggest of the four asses. That is quite an invitation, and there are even more previews, as you start scrolling. The actual videos and photos, however, are reserved for members, only, and could be found within the members’ area, where they lie, nicely sorted to a couple of different criteria, including ass size. Among some of the best things this site has to offer, speed is definitely at the top, next to the girls and their videos and pictures. The way everything loads is just superbly speedy, responsive to every command. Loading videos from the mobile devices works as fast as on the desktops, due to good optimization.

Chicks and Movies

Though, good perks aside, it is high time to talk about the girls a little bit. They are, of course, very different, as girls tend to be, although one thing is common for all of them. All of their asses are bigger than 40 inches. Having that in mind, you would see some of the best butts that the internet has to offer, and those butts will do everything, from riding to just being there, in a close up, where you can see all the beautiful details. As you can see blonds, brunettes, redheads and generally every color you could imagine, the difference in personality does come to life, seeing how one woman prefers her man and nobody else, while others have no problems with company, be that another man, or a woman. Seeing them lick each other’s pussies is really not that uncommon, and neither are threesomes. With asses like that, you would expect them to like anal, and you would be correct, as there is nothing that pleases them more than getting a big rod up their asses, on that eventually leads them to a screaming orgasm. Though, what is a rod if it doesn’t end up cumming all over their faces. Facials are also common, and by joining this site, all of those things, the videos and the photos, too, could be yours, for a really insignificant fee. A rather cheap fee for huge asses is probably the best deal out there.

Bottom Line

If you like yourself a butt, then do not hesitate to visit 40 Inches Plus, where the most stunning girls show off their big asses, and get pounded in the most seductive ways imaginable. See them transfer that passion and love for fucking, and you would be that much close to an exploding orgasm, yourself. With regular updates and huge asses, all for an insignificant fee, one could not ask for more.