3D Adult Comics

3D Adult Comics


The 3DAdultComics is a porn site from the Sextronix, and instead of providing the eager audience with hardcore porn videos, it grants a lot of special porn to them: hardcore comics, created with the nowadays quite popular 3D technology. There are videos on the site that much is true, but they are rather 3D animations, and they are not exactly as exciting as the comics here. If you are looking for unrealistic porn with hot sex-dolls then these comics will be fitting for your taste, especially if fun stories, and good graphics are turning you on. We certainly loved what the tour promised, and once we were in, we saw that the fun porn and the gorgeous girls are actually there. The 3DAdultComics has been online for a few years now, it’s been around since 2002 to be precise. It seems the 3DAdultComics was updating for a time, then it came to a still, and from that time, only the content dates changed, the actual amount remained the same.

However, the amount of porn you can get here is not an issue: you get a whole lot of hardcore, real-life porn if you give this site a try. This is a Sextronix site, which means that you get a bunch of bonus websites, and additional hardcore porn in the form of streams too. When you access the 3DAdultComics, you will come to the conclusion that these videos are satisfying, and they are certainly making you interested in being a member for a time. The 3DAdultComics is going to be a neat site to join, but if you are looking for something different than real-life porn, you are in luck also: there are hentai sites included with your account, so you can find here some really good stuff. When it comes to Sextronix sites the matter of exclusivity is always something we can’t really decide about, but usually come to the decision that we settle with saying: this is partially exclusive content, and that’s just enough. The comics of the 3DAdultComics are certainly unique.

Site Layout

The 3DAdultComics offers you a tour that’s going to make you interested. There are several pages of the comics listed, and they are all represented by quite large pictures. In case you like to browse hardcore pictures, you will certainly come to the decision that this is a site you should give a try to. There are no menus on the tour page, only the content is listed there, and a pop-up window can show you what sites you get with your membership. This is the tour, take it, and then go for the signup page, that’s what we suggest. After entering valid information the site requires, you can start exploring the content. Every site of this company have the same template in use, so if you visit any of them, you will find it quite easy to use.

The search field which you may find quite useful is located on the very top of the page. Under that, they put the content-related menu of the site: you can reach the comics, the videos and the extras too (DVD Theatre). On the left of the page, you can find the actual main men, which has links to your favorites, to the last visited content and to the items you rated. Below this, you can find the list-heaven. There are different fields for the pictures, the videos, extras and even the categories. The pics and vids areas have several links to sorted lists of the content, such as top rated, most viewed, alphabetical order.

The most important content you get here is in the Pictures section. There you can find the picture galleries of these comics, and they are really fine things to browse. If you like comics, and you also like porn, then this mix of the two niches is going to make you horny and quite satisfied. You have some nice viewing options in the browser, but for the best experience we advise that you save the zip-sets, and view them offline with any viewer software you like. There are about 2,200 galleries, so you have a lot to choose from. The 500+ animations you can find here are also neat, and though they are not reaching HD, they look quite handsome. MP4 files can be downloaded, and Flash-videos are streamed.

Chicks and Movies

Since the girls are made-up, and they come from the fantasy of their creators, they are quite varied. You will notice that many hot chicks are looking way too good to be real, and when they get on with their show, they are going to turn you on. There are Caucasians, Asians and Blacks too, but some elves and other species are also present. It looks like the guys who created these seem to have fetish for large boobs, because the breast-sizes here are really extraordinary. What the site grants you is fine and fun. The stories are all simple, but there is always some story, thus the comics offer a full experience. You could consider them as porn videos’ storyboard, only these were never made into actual porn scenes. Since it is all imaginary, apart from some regular stuff, you can enjoy special niches like cosplay, double penetration, interspecies sex, interracial sex. Lots of anal sex takes place too, so that’s another kinky stuff. The lesbian comics are not the soft kind either, the girls are doing BDSM, anal insertion and some heavy dildo-fucking.

Bottom Line

The 3DAdultComics is a fine collection site. It may not offer you any new content anymore, but the existing collection is huge, and it’s quite rich. Every comic you can access is done with 3D graphics, and though they are all about fucking, some fun stories and situations are featured in them too. On the 3DAdultComics you can find a good collection of porn, and while you are here, you can spend some hot hours with browsing them.

The site doesn’t accept new members, check more pay porn sites.