UK Scally Lads

UK Scally Lads


UK Scally Lads is coined from a common reference to a rough and tough dude. The term is meant to signal you to the fact that the porn dedicates its work to porn lovers with a fetish for gay sex. There are handsome and beautiful dudes ramming their cranks into each others’ holes in full glare of the camera. They do it so calmly and you easily get caught in the exclusive romance scenes.

Site Layout

The site is remarkably organized. I loved the way the content is set out in categories with active links that seamlessly lead you to the heart of the action. There are categories that range from dick sizes, recently updated content, to blowjobs and straight guys being laid. Since the thumbnail captions provided also contain active links, the navigation is made a little easier than you would expect on a site without a search tool embedded. The loading speed on both PC and mobile device is great. You are also able to view the content in crystal clear presentation from tablets and mobile phones.

The text descriptions provided after each caption on the categories page help users understand ensuing scenes better. Therefore, you are helped to join the action with some background knowledge about the pornstars at hand. Since the site specializes in exclusive content, you bet, there isn’t a provision for bonus sites. I guess, even if there was such an offer, it would be unlikely that you would get the content that is similar to the one provided easily in other places. There are no live cams or extras promised but as I mentioned, the focus of the pacesetters on this site is to present quality and specialize in an exclusive but well-received content. The videos are all clear HD forms that can be streamed and downloaded. The content can be downloaded to a zip folder. This helped me keep what I preferred in one place.

Guys and Movies

I had never witnessed gay romance before I came to this site. I must admit that it got me tempted. There are many handsome dudes. I got to see, even, more beautiful males being screwed by equally attractive muscular men with hairs on their chest. In fact, I too, learned how seduction, flirting and eventual laying happens in the gay world. There is plenty of action. In one of the scenes, I was treated to a straight dude being seduced to bed by an apparently more experienced muscular man. I was impressed by the way the straight dude blushed at first but soon got carried away by the sheer style and appeal of the muscular dude who also happened to be the dominant male when the straight dude budged. Once the flirting came to the brink, the two men clasped in deep embrace as they kissed and rolled.

The muscular dude got hold of the feminine looking straight dude around the waist, undressed him and revealed a hard cock that was already steaming with desire. He was soon given a blowjob before he willingly turned around to receive a dark rounded long shaft. The moment quieted for a while before the feminine dude began to moan in ecstasy. The muscular man thrust his dick deeper and deeper as he played with the balls of his new catch. The scene culminated in a loud synchronized roar of pleasure as the muscular dude splashed his cum all over the feminine dude’s body. There are over 221 videos available for view. Each of the videos has a playback time of about 20 minutes. If you wish to tone down the action a little, you can access the 221 galleries with 170 pics in each; enough content to entertain you for hours on end. Get your files in MP4 and WMV formats in zip file or enjoy them on the fly directly by streaming. I still haven’t viewed all the photos yet.

Bottom Line

UK Scally Lads is an exclusive gay porn site that provides high-quality videos that is frequently updated. It has enough content to satisfy the appetite of anyone with gay fetish. All the videos are in HD and the pics in high resolution.

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