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Teach Twinks


Before I proceed with this short porn site review, I have a couple of things to ask from you. First, are you a fan of gay porn? Second, what type of gay porn do you enjoy watching? Do you enjoy watching cute and playful boys? Do you love watching them turn from nice to naughty? Don’t you just wish you could teach them a lesson or two? If you have answered yes to all of our questions (except for the second one of course), then the porn site that we are going to review today is perfect for you.

We are going to talk about the porn site TeachTwinks. Basically, twinks are the type of dudes that are cute and fresh-looking, much like a lot of our pop idols and boy bands today. One distinct characteristic of twinks that set them apart from the other type of guys in gay porn is their hairlessness. A lot of them are all pretty clean shaven and close to being pube-free. This gives them that essential innocent look that makes a lot of gay peeps crazy about them. It makes them nice to tempt into doing really dirty stuff, right?

Because of their popularity in the porn world, you are going to be surprised on how many subgenres twink porn has already. In fact, today, we are going to discuss one of them. I already told you guys about the name and judging from my short introduction above, you might have already guessed the theme of this porn site. It’s teaching twinks how to fuck. Hence, it is also pretty obvious that a lot of the dudes on this porn site are first-timers which make TeachTwinks oh so juicy.

I just love first timers. Don’t you? They have this sort of sweet charm that other porn stars lack already, and we are going to see that charm at work right at this very porn site! Don’t worry we are going to talk more about these dudes later on. Going back to the site, though, TeachTwinks is a premium membership porn site. Hence, you would have to sign-up for this site first before you can stream and download anything. There is no need to worry though because after signing up, you’re going to have the chance to enjoy all their content with additional membership perks. Also, more on that later.

Site Layout

My first impression of this porn site is that it looked colorful. I wasn’t able to pinpoint it at first because I was a bit confused given that the background is colored gray…but then, after taking a look into the porn site’s design a little bit further, I was finally able to deduce that the reason for this visual effect is the site’s actual color theme. It’s green and blue, and it’s used on all the other design elements on the page such as buttons and ads. It complements that pale soft skin of the twink models, making the site more lively.

That’s okay by me. After all, the site does feature cute and playful boys, right? Aside from the color theme, another thing to note when it comes to the website design of TeachTwinks is the right panel beside the header. They have already listed down the different membership perks that you are going to get from the site once you do decide to be one of their members.

This is a good way, I think, to encourage new visitors to sign up and register. Plus, this is also good information to share with newcomers (like you, if you decide to take a look at the site, which you definitely should). Aside from the design features that I’ve mentioned, the only things that you are going to see on the page are, of course, the thumbnails of their latest video uploads.

Guys and Movies

Which is why I would like for us to move on to the next segment of this review already, the content. Let’s talk about the types of guys first. Of course, you are going to see a LOT of twinks here, that’s for sure. After all, it is a twink site, right? But does that mean that you’re not going to see other types of guys anymore? Of course NOT! These twinks are needed to be taught a lesson so more mature guys (mostly mentors or instructors following the “teach” keyword), are here to help! Having said that, there is no limit on the types of dudes that you are going to see on this channel.

The same goes for the videos. They can take the instructor route, or they can take a more general way of “teaching twinks”. What I would suggest is for you to take a look at their porn site yourself so that you would get a firm grasp on how creative they are and how they are able to stretch such a limited porn niche far and wide.

Bottom Line

I bet you guys are already excited to reach the conclusion because here is where I am going to reveal the special membership perk that you are going to get once you have successfully signed up for TeachTwinks. You see, TeachTwinks is actually a part of a wide partnership of different twink porn sites. Hence, after signing up for TeachTwinks, you are also going to get full access to seven porn sites more with EVEN MORE coming soon! I can’t wait for those sites to finally be released so that I can take a look and review them as well.

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