IFriends is a website specifically designed and dedicated for people who like a much higher level of control over the content that they like to watch on porn sites, and how better to achieve such control than by watching a live cam show instead?

Site Layout

IFriend is more than just a porn site. It is a community and as such the layout and design of the website are specifically made to reflect this aspect. The design of the website is very inviting, the background color is bright white like it is with most social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. The whole idea behind this website is that it is very different from a traditional porn site where you have to take what you are given as far as the content is concerned, and instead you can interact with live performers who broadcast their shows from the comfort of their own home. The user interface of the website is very intuitive and easy-to-use, it has a very simple main menu bar at the top of the website which leads you directly to the category of performer that you would prefer to see. Another great feature of the website is the fact that there are over 400.000 performers registered on the site, which is a huge number of people who are constantly contributing to the growth of this community from every part of the world. A while that sounds great from the point of view of the community, it also means is that realistically it is almost impossible to not find at least a few hundred if not thousands of performers active on the website at any given time, so regardless of where you are or what time of day or night it is for you, the chances of there not being any available performers is almost zero.

Chicks and Movies

Personally, I have a lot of moments when I find standard porn sites to be very restrictive, in the sense that it is very difficult for me to find something that I really want to watch and that I have any control over. The great advantage of IFriends is that because we are dealing with live camera models who work from home and take requests from the people who are viewing their performances, is that the viewer has a lot of influence and can even actively participate in the flow of the performance since they can give directions and indications to the models. Similarly, you always have the option of engaging with a particular camera model in a private show, which means that it is a one on one experience, and as such you are the only person who decides what the cam model does for you. You can easily choose the type of model with respect to her body shape or sizes, so you can either choose a sexy slim girl or even a BBW. Obviously, the type of content you get is directly related to what model you end up choosing and what they are willing to do, but given the sheer number of models registered in the IFriends community, it is probably impossible not ti find what you like.

Bottom Line

Live cam shows are not for everyone, but they are always a welcome change to standard porn videos and with the great selection of models and non-stop availability of models on the website, IFriends is probably one of the best places to go for live cam shows.