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Site Layout

The website’s layout is pretty simple and black, like most of the other websites. Then, just a quick scroll down and you will be able to view the different photos and videos available already. The thumbnails are of different sizes. It seems that they are prioritized according to the video quality. The porn site claims that most of these videos were secret videos hacked directly from the girls’ smart phones, computers, and different social media accounts. These are all truly pretty devious and exciting. Please keep in mind though that because all of the site’s contents are amateur and user-submitted, then they may vary on image and video quality. It would be pretty rare for you to find a professional-quality video here and that is the exact charm of ExHacked. For those amateur video fans out there like us, would not have it in any other way.

Chicks and Movies

Like the video and image quality, the girls on the site are pretty varied as well. Of course, almost of them are beautiful. We are guessing that the content is curated as well, and go through a selection process before they are finally uploaded to the site. What sets this site apart from those other big porn sites though is that these are amateur videos that we are talking about here. It means that when these videos and images were taken, all of the people in the videos were not acting. If you see them enjoy what they are doing, they are really enjoying it. If you see the girls eyes flicker in ecstasy, that was not planned. All of the people in these videos did this stuff not because they are going to get paid like porn stars do. They did these things just for the sake of doing them because they want to. And that is the real beauty of amateur videos. Now let us move on to the real beauty, the girls. There are surely different types of girls here that will suit different tastes: blondes, brunettes, Asians, Latinas, you name it, this site has it. They are also caught doing different dirty things, entering the borders of different niches: girl on girl, group orgies, creampies, and more. Allow us to mention a few of our favorites. First, we have this beautiful brunette with really big boobs, the size of two melons. You can see by the image that the photo was taken straight from her Facebook account. She is truly a dirty slut to be showing her tatas to her friends, or to a particular “friend”. It is very unfortunate for her, though (and very fortunate for us), that her boyfriend was able to hack into her account and upload her photo on ExHacked. Another favorite is this video of a blonde beauty. The video which seems to have been taken by another man present in the room using a smart phone, shows this lady getting pounded hard by a big black dude doggy style in her own room! After that, she gives the guy a blowjob and before you know it, she is already slurping pile loads of cum on her face.

Bottom Line

Overall, this website appeals to those who are simply fond of amateur videos. If you are looking for them, then these are what you are going to get, and loads of them. It will also be a good choice for those who are turned on by intrigue and curiosity. Joining ExHacked will satisfy anyone’s cravings along with the answer to this age-old question: what does that beautiful stranger do when no one’s looking? Stop wondering and start downloading. Enjoy!