When was the first time you ever heard of the word ‘tranny’, ‘shemale’, or ‘ladayboy’? To tell you the truth, It was not too long after I started watching porn that I found out about it. It was out of curiosity that I clicked the tag ‘shemale’ from a porn site I always frequent to up to this date. When I first saw the thumbnail, I saw a smoking hot actress with two gigantic delectable puddings we call tits. It came to me as a shock when I found out that the gorgeous fap material actually had a dick even bigger than his or her (I don’t know how to refer them) male partners. That’s when I realized why it was called ‘shemale’. It felt like having a slight heart attack as you rock your chair back and forth and you feel you are about to tip off.

At first, I admit that I was disgusted with the thought of a really gorgeous and fuckable woman with an extra leg between her thighs. As I went through with my not so frequent alone time sessions through the years, I realized that I was actually more open minded than I thought. To my surprise, it doesn’t scare me anymore. I even find it stimulating at times when I really find the shemale to be attractive. I now consider myself a ‘trisexual’, which means to give everything at least one try. When I first visited this tranny porn site ButtFuckTranny, I saw lots of shemales and ladyboys that are easy to the eyes. I tried watching a couple of videos and it didn’t disappoint me. If you are into this kind of thing, I will tell you all about the things you will love about this porn site. If not, then I suggest you try the mainstream ones.

Site Layout

As you try to enter this porn site, you will be greeted with a disclaimer informing you that what you are about to enter is a tranny website with naked amateur men doing sexual acts of a man-on-man genre. It tells you to leave the site if you find it offensive or if you are of below the right age, or if you are in a community who condemns such acts and consider it illegal. After you click enter page, you will be greeted with what the site has to offer. One of the things you will love about this amazing web site would be its simplicity and user friendliness that lets even your neighbor’s grandma from prehistoric times to navigate it with no problems, if and only if she likes watching well-endowed shemales in action of course.

You will see a number of thumbnails lined up together with its corresponding titles. There is just one column of thumbnails at the center of the page so you will have to scroll all the way down to see all the videos. But in all fairness, the shemales were all gorgeous, attractive, and easy in the eyes so you wouldn’t really mind scrolling down or have to scroll all the way down to find a good fapping material. The site also offers sets of photos of shemales doing the things they do best. When you try to search by tags, you will also notice that this is a non-exclusive site and it would give you videos from other sites and bonus shemale contents. I just learned that for the search results to show videos only from the site, make sure to filter it with the correct porn site.

Chicks and Movies

Again, if you dig chicks with dicks then you will cum to love this website. The site only offers the best of the best shemales out there who really know how to take in humongous horse dicks and show you how it is done. You will find lots of video clips and sets of photos of shemales giving oral sex, sucking each other’s big fat dicks in sixty nine position, ramming their giant veiny cocks to their partner’s tight fuck holes whether be it a man, woman, or another shemale. I don’t know if it’s just me or not but I find shemale sex more hardcore than the normal man and woman sex. Maybe because they are physically and anatomically still considered male species, that is why they have more energy and stamina than the average couple.

These trannies are really in it to have a great time and can have their buttholes fucked and stretched by either one big ass weiner or by multiple rock hard dicks at the same time. One of my favorites would be the video clip starring a shemale taking a gorgeous latina woman from behind with his hole stretching cock which literally almost tore both her tight pussy and ass apart. If you have a creative imagination like me, it was like watching two women making love with the other one wearing a huge strap on dick. The shemales also cum in different colors and nationalities from white, black, latin, European, Asians and more. There are a lot to choose from in this website and you can view these videos using the site’s embedded player. You may download the videos in zip format if you want to keep it in your secret stash of porn clips in your computer or phone

Bottom Line

If you are into this kind of thing then this is a really good site to consider and a good recommendation to others. The shemales here are just so hot, easy to the eyes, and so good at what they do that you will surely enjoy pleasuring yourself to them. You also have a variety of choices since they offer videos of shemales fucking men, women or shemales alike.

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